Doreen Declares Homosexuality a Sin

It’s no secret that Doreen Virtue had a big gay following in the spiritual community before her conversion to Christianity. Now it seems she is somehow hoping to hold onto that following while sitting on the fence about homosexuality from a Biblical point of view. Is she afraid of alienating some of the people in her new fundamentalist Christian following?

In today’s Bible support group video, I was hoping that Doreen would finally address the issue of homosexuality. It is really difficult to avoid it when you get to Leviticus chapter 18. She has done all she can to avoid it so far and claims to still be BFF with her openly gay former Tarot buddy Radleigh Valentine. Would she finally open her mouth and declare homosexuality free of sin?

In Leviticus 18:22 (covered in today’s study), we read the following:

You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination. 

It wouldn’t have been difficult to explain how that verse does not relate to homosexual relationships in today’s world with sound Christian doctrine if she wanted to. You can read one example of theology that manages to do just that HERE.

Instead, Doreen brushes over the whole of Chapter with 18 saying she will not discuss the topics presented here because she does not ‘get into politics.’ And then she reassures us that her stance ‘as you know’ is ‘more liberal’ and she welcomes everyone. Yet she can’t even make herself say the word homosexual, saying instead that she believes the practices referred to in this chapter is between the individual and God.

I’m writing this, not so much because I care what Doreen Virtue is teaching but because I have friends and family in the LGBTQ community. Some of them are still Seekers. Some of them still listen to Doreen. I don’t want to see them hurt.

I can imagine the psychological damage it will do to gay people listening to Doreen brush over something that is at the core of who they are as too ‘political’ to even discuss… What’s left? The supposed ‘Word of God’ which declares that what they engage in as worthy of the death penalty. (Leviticus 20:13, coming up in the next Bible study video)

This is the same psychological damage Doreen inflicted on her former oracle card and Tarot reader students when she put on her site that anyone who wanted to know if it was OK to engage in divination should read the Bible verses in Deuteronomy 18:10-12, where the Bible clearly states that those who engage in divination are ‘detestable to the Lord.’

If anyone is engaging in ‘politics’ it is Doreen, not the people who lay out what they believe in no uncertain terms, whether that be that homosexuality is a sin or that it isn’t.

I think the evidence speaks for itself. Doreen ‘loves the sinner but hates the sin,’ just like her new heroes Charles Stanley and Chuck Swindoll who she follows on Twitter. In one of her daily videos, Doreen even referred to Charles Stanley as her ideal grandfather (click on link for anti gay video by him)… It looks like she is distancing herself more and more from the liberal Episcopalian church where she was baptised last year. If she claims to be liberal, she should come out and say that homosexuality is not a sin.

How hard can it be? Hundreds of thousands of other Christians say just that. <—– Christianity – You are doing it right

Anyway, whether you are gay or not, Christian or not, the truth matters. If someone tells you that they won’t discuss something because it would be going into ‘politics,’ they are the politicians. They are the ones afraid of losing something by declaring for the truth, whether it be money or popularity.

If you are gay and have questions regarding your homosexuality or the faith, please go to someone who is knowledgeable about sexuality and/or theology – Don’t follow the wannabe because that will clearly just add to your confusion.


ETA 26 Feb, 2018: As predicted, Doreen is being reactive and has decided to mention the word homosexuality in today’s Bible support group video… If you watch from 11:27, you will hear her say how she is sad that a lot of her gay friends have left the church because of what the Bible says about homosexuality.

Then Doreen says ‘Why can’t we all just get along? I don’t have any answers about that but some people have come to me and said “Now that you are a Christian, are you anti gay?” And I’m like “Oh my goodness, of course not. No, no, no – I love everybody. I love my gay friends… and one of the things I say that the Bible is very clear about divorces, that this is also something that is also equal to the other ones (i.e. sexual/relationship sins). If God says this about me being divorced, how can I judge anybody else? Coz I’m on the list too.”‘

Think carefully about this. She compares the ‘sin’ of homosexuality to that of being a divorcee. The latter is a choice though and the former does not belong on a list of sins because it is how God made the person. What you will notice her NOT saying is that homosexuality is not a sin. She actually covertly puts it on the same list of sins as her own divorce. So there you have it. Doreen equates engaging in homosexual relations as a SIN. BAM!

And there she was just the other day saying she wouldn’t get political by going there… Aren’t we glad we can all see her true (lack of) rainbow colours now? She knew all along that talking about homosexuality as a sin was the crux (of COURSE you love ‘the sinner,’ that’s what all Christians are SUPPOSED to do!) and she tried SO hard to avoid it… I don’t know whether to laugh or cry but at least we managed to get her to paint herself far enough into the corner to show her true fundie colours. Phew!

February 26 Bible support and encouragement group, with Doreen Virtue from Doreen Virtue on Vimeo.

Finally, the Bible study resource online Doreen Virtue keeps telling people to fact check with has this to say about homosexuality.

Peace out.


ETA: Since this post was originally published on 22 February, 2o18, Doreen has released another Bible study video (13 July), where she voices concern for her gay friends – She wants them to turn away from their lifestyle so they won’t end up in hell… Yet she is adamant she doesn’t judge them. Ain’t that special?

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