Doreen Virtue’s Divine Guidance Church

Doreen Virtue's Church of Divine Guidance

Not long after the August Eclipse post about Doreen Virtue denouncing the Tarot, I found out that Doreen Virtue was planning to start a Jesus-centred church. These plans were not new, as you might think since she only recently converted to traditional Christianity. The permission for the church was obtained in 2014 under the name Church of Divine Guidance. The public registration records for the Divine Guidance church can be found HERE

Church Plans Revealed in Italian Interview

I only found out about the church plans thanks to an Italian friend alerting me to an Italian interview published in 2016. In this interview, Doreen says it is the next step for her to start a Jesus-centred church (possibly online only) for people who also love fairies and unicorns. This statement was made before her conversion to traditional, Bible-believing Christianity. Doreen claims to be a Bible-believing ‘born again’ Christian as of 7 January, 2017.

Here is a translation of the Italian video transcript of what Doreen says to the person interviewing her:

“I have always had this vision of myself since I did a free seminar in Mexico for the poor.
And it is so clear, I do not know if it comes from a past life, it is a dream to help the poor of other countries.
One of the reasons why I want to retire is to help people.

They are telling me (points to sky) that maybe I can start a new church that is based on Jesus, but without a sense of guilt, fearless and not so focused on crucifixion, but on his life and teachings and is not focused on money. Too many churches are too focused on money.
Maybe it’ll just be an online church, I’m working on it. We already have the state approval to open a new church. 
I find that many people love Jesus, like me, especially in Italy, but there is no church that is good for them, because I love Jesus, but also fairies, even unicorns, and sirens. So I want to create a church – this is my dream – where one can love Jesus and the fairies without others thinking you’re crazy. So this is my next step, the next thing.”

ETA: Someone found the clip for us without the Italian voice over. You can watch Doreen say these words in English HERE.

The revelation of church plans struck me as  odd because the August Eclipse blog post was based on watching Doreen denounce the Tarot in the same Maui TV interview where she denied plans of starting a church. I have spoken to 10-12 other people who also heard Eric T. Richter ask this question of Doreen and heard/saw her laughing it off. I personally don’t remember her answer verbatim (besides a clear ‘no’ accompanied by giggles) but one of my friends who watched the video interview three times back in August says that she denied wanting to start a church, laughed and said something along the lines of ‘Why would I want all that trouble?’

Question About Church Disappears from Maui TV Interview

I decided to have a listen through the Maui TV interview again the other week. Imagine my surprise when I realised that the question for Doreen about plans to start a church had vanished. The video hadn’t been re-uploaded so the only explanation I could think of was that it had been edited in YouTube after the upload. I managed to find quite one obvious edit around the 13:40 mark (you can see it for yourself HERE) that seems a fit with where in the interview the question was asked, so I decided to email Eric T. Richter to ask about it:

Email to Eric T. Ricther about question for Doreen Virtue being edited out of Maui TV video interview

This is Eric’s reply:

The rest of our email conversation went as follows (copied and pasted):

Hi Eric,

Thanks for getting back to me. I’m referring to the version originally shown on YouTube. Please answer my question, ‘Why was the part where you ask Doreen about starting a church edited out?’ I need to know because I mention it in one of my articles published not long after the original version of the interview went live and it is misleading for my readers now that it has been edited out.

Maybe we could arrange a Skype call.

Aloha Lisa,

Do you have a website or a phone #? I am on deadline with Maui Vision until early December.
There have been no edits to our original interview as far as I know. We didn’t ask our producer to make any.
It is on three YouTube channels if you would like to check all three:
It looks like all three are the same length. Sorry I don’t have 33 minutes to try to figure out what you are referring to
(As for all three being the same length, it would make sense that all three would have been edited rather than just one.)

Hi Eric,

There is no point in me talking to you on the phone if you can’t remember asking Doreen the question about starting a church that has clearly been edited out.
Thank you for your time.
(Sent another email shortly after this one.)
Hi Eric, just letting you know that I will blog about this since I’m not the only person who knows about the edit and my readers deserve an answer.

Aloha Lisa,

I don’t have time to look at the raw footage and see if that topic came up until early next month. 
I have a 36-page magazine due at the printers on Monday and I have another full-time job.
If you will be patient, I’d be happy to review the raw footage and see what’s on there, but not until next month when I have time.
Thank you, Eric. Very kind of you to offer! We just need you to remember asking Doreen that question and how she laughed it off, completely denying plans of starting a church (that we know was registered in 2014). We also just need the original YouTube video, not the full unedited version.

Aloha Lisa,

I’m pretty sure there were no edits, I didn’t ask for any, and the original dates of uploads are intact. Are you sure that question got asked?
All I remember was a mild Unity Church bashing as being Jesus – light, and how happy she was at her new church that she and Michael found. 
But remind me next month and I’ll take a look.
Yes, 100% sure. And as we all know, edits can be made inside YouTube.

Aloha Lisa,

Sounds like people are on a witch hunt after Doreen!  You are not the only one. Someone else said she is being investigated for tax evasion, and she just put out a new blog today about how sad she was to shut down the animal sanctuary.
Anyway, I have to focus on getting my magazine to the printer.
(So now I’m on a ‘witch hunt’ for asking questions — sound familiar?)
As a journalist, I’m sure you can appreciate people wanting the truth.

Aloha Lisa,

The length of time listed on the original upload matches what’s online. 
All for now!
There is no proof of the times listed for the original upload matching with the current time, of course, just as there is no proof of the question being taken out other than me and about ten other people I know remembering the question. We know the question was in there and we know it no longer is.
What do you think? Did you watch the Maui TV interview back when it was first uploaded? If so, do you remember the question about starting a church being asked? For me, besides the denunciation of my beloved Tarot, that was what really stood out from this interview… How Doreen laughed the question off, as if it wasn’t even a real question. ‘The lady doth protest too much’ sprang to mind.
Of course, it wasn’t long after that the Italian TV interview cropped up, and a month or two after that we found the church registration records.

Reasons for Setting up an Online Church

Could Doreen have forgotten that she registered a church? Did it escape her mind that she told the Italian interviewer that starting a church was her ‘next step’ and that she was ‘working on it’? She doesn’t seem to have changed her mind about it because her daily videos are very much ‘online church.’
Is it a coincidence that she named the church after her own book by the title ‘Divine Guidance‘ published back in 1998? How far back do the plans of setting up an online church go?
And if she had plans of starting a Christ-centred church at least as far back as 2014, how come she only this year started reading the Bible all the way through? She admits to this in the Maui TV interview, revealing that she had never even read the gospels all the way through until she created the Jesus cards in 2015. So did she read the gospels because she realised she had to in order to make money from Jesus merchandise?
What could the real reason be for setting up an online church (besides not having to bother with real life people)? A person could be forgiven for thinking it could be for reasons of tax exemption.


If this were a genuine conversion with genuine plans of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, would the timeline for starting a church not be different? I.e…
  • Years of serious Bible study, prayer and contemplation
  • Attending seminary
  • Registering a church

Of, course, there is no LAW that says this has to be the timeline. It is very easy (too easy?) to start an online church in the USA.

What we do have is a timeline that looks a bit like this…
  • Two decades of telling people that Jesus is an ascended master
  • Hurriedly researching whatever New Age subject she can make money from and Hay House holding Doreen up as a paragon for other authors to emulate (i.e. write about whatever makes them money)
  • Sets herself up as an Angel Medium and gives out terrible advice about suicide, claiming that people who talk about suicide never commit suicide. This information is now starting to become common knowledge so Doreen decides to do a Teal Swan and set herself up as a champion for young people with suicidal ideation in this blog post from the other day.
  • Gets into the Tarot game to profit from Tarot which she doesn’t know anything about, together with Radleigh Valentine
  • Reads the Gospels so she can put out the Jesus cards, and – as a side-effect – realises that Jesus isn’t a ‘teddy bear’ but someone with boundaries (see Maui TV Interview)
  • Has a ‘vision’ of Jesus and decides to get baptised in Jan-Feb 2017
  • Starts to read the whole Bible this year, claiming not to cherry pick but telling people to take a literal interpretation of Deuteronomy (Old Testament) when it comes to divination and mediumship, while saying she is OK with homosexuality. Ironically, she says in the Maui TV interview that as a medium, she was put off by people throwing Bible verses at her. On her own FAQ page, she throws Bible verses at people who want to know if it is still OK to practise divination and mediumship. Apparently, you are ‘detestable to the Lord’ if you engage in these practices
  • Puts out a course titled ‘Angelology – A theological doctrine of angels‘ within two months of her baptism and without any theology studies under her belt
  • Claims that sales for the Angelology course go toward the care of the sanctuary animals in their ‘forever home’ (her words) only months before dissolving the sanctuary. (My money going toward the care of the animals was the only reason I put off asking for a refund when I realised how poor the quality of the course was)
  • Publishes ‘Christian’ literature without taking time off to study her new faith
  • Publishes and deletes a video in April 2017 where she casts shade on the New Age movement and claims that lower energy is guiding the practices in it. Also says you have to believe in ‘real Jesus’ to be saved from hell while at the same time, ironically, claims to not be trying to convert anyone
  • Maui TV Interview (which is more of a scripted promo video than an interview) where she tells people she believes that God has told her to stop doing divination and mediumship. Also (as far as I and most people I have asked can recall) tells Eric T. Richter that she has no plans of starting a church. Church question in video appears to have been deleted after church plans are revealed through alternative channels.
  • Refuses refunds for all courses sold on her own site even though it is common knowledge she views many of the teachings as ‘lower energy’
  • Boots paying students from course forums for asking questions about which teachings are now relevant and which aren’t
  • Continues to sell many of the ‘lower energy’ courses and products on her sites
  • Continues to claim that courses bought on the Earth Angel site go toward the care of rescue animals after the sanctuary has been dissolved
  • Suggests that Wayne Dyer would have benefitted from a Christian explaining the gospel to him, while her official version (backed by Hay House) is that she is a non-judgmental Christian
  • Deletes whole slew of her old angel message videos, allegedly including one where Michael Virtue suggests that the sheep make good lawnmowers as they try to get rid of the animals that had been promised their forever home
  • Writes long, apologetic blog post (ETA July 2018: The blog had been deleted and the AngelTherapy site now redirects to her fundie site) about her version of events concerning the sanctuary after the truth starts emerge. (A friend of mine is about to blog about some of the more obvious inconsistencies in that post since there is evidence and people who donated deserve the truth.)
  • Deletes all Archangels except Michael, Raphael and Gabriel from her site. Though I believe Azrael gets a small mention (unlike the other three who get a page each).
  • Deletes the Earth Angel site after evidence of soliciting for non-registered charity on that site is made public
  • Follows homophobic preachers who believe in scientific creationism (Chuck Swindoll and Charles Stanley) on Twitter (For fundie street cred?)
  • Pumps out daily Bible study videos where she spends a lot of time talking about lower energy, the ‘Enemy’ and poor mouthing
  • Uses one of those daily videos to try to discredit me for blogging about her
  • Claims to always have had the gift of discernment between true and false divine guidance, referring to her book ‘Divine Guidance’ from 1999 in this video as ‘proof.’ This is a gross logical impossibility since in no way can she have been right both then and now. Note how coy she sounds when she mentions the Divine Guidance book as if she can barely remember the name of the book she named her church after.

Whether Doreen’s registered Divine Guidance church goes ahead or not, there is clearly an online church in the making. For thousands who tune into Doreen’s daily Mornings with the Lord videos, following a spiritual teacher who claims the gift of prophecy (formerly divination), denounces her old teachings but claims to have had the gift of discernment all along doesn’t seem to be a problem. Post-truth spirituality is really interesting. I wonder what theologians will make of it all 1,000 years from now.


PS. This post was originally published on 27 November, 2017.

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