Did Hay House Really Let Doreen Virtue Go?

did hay house really let doreen virtue go

Hay House announced late last year that they had let Doreen Virtue go. This seemed a natural step for them to take after having to refund hundreds of people who felt their certificates with Doreen Virtue were worthless after she turned around and trashed her own work, claiming to have been demon-possessed while teaching it. 

However, now Hay House are not only publishing the book, they are offering it as a video course online. So much for letting Doreen Virtue go!! I guess they figured it has all blown over now and nobody thinks it is important to hold Doreen Virtue accountable any longer. I’m thinking we need to make them rethink that decision. Please email Reid Tracy, CEO of Hay House, and let him know how you feel: RTracy@hayhouse.com 

Robert Reeves is the co-author of this book, titled ’21 Days to Higher Energy.’ As some of you may know, Doreen Virtue has encouraged her Christian followers to burn her New Age works (and some of them gladly said they would buy her books to do just that lol). The book isn’t out until October this year, which means that it was written and produced long after DV’s conversion and her making highly intolerant statements against New Age teachings.

I think this shows poor judgement on behalf of Robert Reeves who could not have failed to be aware some of DV’s extremist views at the time of going ahead with this project, such as her labeling homosexuality a sin – Especially with him being an openly gay man. It makes him come across as greedy and insincere. 

Doreen Virtue is part of a group called Reasons for Jesus on Facebook. This group has in its house rules that acceptance of homosexuality is not allowed:

hay house doreen virtue homosexuality

How can Hay House allow an openly homophobic author on their roster? Doreen Virtue actively encourages her following to join this group on FB and she even co-moderated it for a while. I’m not ruling out that she quit the group after I put her presence there in the spotlight. She likes to try to keep playing both sides of the fence and I like to continue to make that impossible for her.

How can Robert Reeves be OK with this? It’s Pride Month as I type this and I’m aghast at the lack of publicity in the New Age community around what is happening here. I mean, really…? Wake up, people!!!!!

Oh the irony.

One lady in the Reasons for Jesus group just posted this:

I won’t post the whole discussion that followed but basically, they all agree that New Age readings are influenced by demonic forces and that the OP should just delete the reading. Some also suggest asking for a refund – Ironic since they bashed the New Age community for wanting their certificate courses refunded.

How OK are you with Hay House pushing an author who is anti-gay and anti-New Age? Here is Reid Tracy’s email address once more: RTracy@hayhouse.com

And Robert Reeves, if you are reading this… Bless your soul – It’s time to take your own advice for this week’s readings and let go of old patterns. Working with a homophobic charlatan can bring nothing of benefit for the Highest Good. But maybe you are like Melania… Maybe you really don’t care…?

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  1. Nope, they did not. As my husband and I bore witness to today, her very new, previously unpublished deck – Love and Light – is presently on display in Australian department stores, and no doubt other venues. This deck is published by Hay House and clearly displays Doreen Virtue as the author. As this was the deck that Karen Kay had originally intended to co-author with Doreen Virtue, and she changed her decision due to the religious shift of Doreen Virtue, and Karen Kay’s name is NOT on the deck in any shape or form – then this has been consciously published well and truly after her conversion. For this, there can be NO contractual excuses, NO publishing excuses, or whatever else excuse they want to try in order to sweep it under the table. This deck has gone to production well after her conversion, well after her claims that ALL of her previous works were inspired by the Devil, and with the complete support and marketing of Hay House.

    I have written to Reid Tracy about this blatant display of BS, but, as we both know, the care factor with these people is just not there. I don’t know what disappoints me more, the fact that they get away with it, the fact that the rest of the spiritual industry aka mentors say and do nothing when they have the public profile to attempt to make a difference, or the fact that consumers continue to support this circus.


    1. Thanks for this Lilac Willow – So true about this deck coming out well after DV’s CONversion. Thank you also for writing to Reid Tracy and asking for some accountability. That is all those of us not living in the US can do at the moment. xo

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