Is Doreen Virtue finally getting ready to do the Christian thing?

Doreen Virtue refunds cancer patient

We had very good news today. Diana Soenarie got her refund for money donated to Doreen Virtue’s rescue ranch the other day! You may remember Diana from THIS post.

Diana is an amazing spiritual warrior and cancer survivor. While she was still undergoing treatment for her cancer, she was one of the many people who responded to Doreen Virtue’s solicitations for the rescue ranch and donated money she could ill afford at the time because Diana has a big heart. Continue reading “Is Doreen Virtue finally getting ready to do the Christian thing?”

The Rob Bell / Doreen Virtue Kerfuffle

On the 12th of August, 2018, Doreen Virtue made the statement you can read above. As you can see, it has nearly 3,000 likes, 520 comments and 65 shares – Way to get the truth out there, Doreen… Thank you! Continue reading “The Rob Bell / Doreen Virtue Kerfuffle”

Doreen Virtue keeps cashing in on the Asian New Age market

Doreen keeps cashing in on the Asian New Age market
I ran this through Swedish Google translate to find out the truth in my own native language… As you can see, Doreen Virtue (Dolen Bartue) maintains that she has a legit PhD to her Japanese audience.

This is interesting… Remember how Doreen Virtue did that certified Angel Card reader workshop with Angela Hartfield for a Japanese audience in March this year…?

Remember how she was defending it to her Christian audience in the daily Bible study video shortly after the workshop? According to her, she was basically just there to spread the gospel. She bragged about how she got all the Japanese students to download the Bible app. She claimed that just seeing all the New Age products sold there was like seeing poison…

Continue reading “Doreen Virtue keeps cashing in on the Asian New Age market”

Doreen Virtue tells people to throw away New Age products

Doreen Virtue tells people to throw away New Age items

Of course, it comes as no surprise, now that Doreen Virtue has officially joined forces with fundamentalist Christian Steven Bancarz, that she is encouraging people to throw away New Age products. Continue reading “Doreen Virtue tells people to throw away New Age products”

Did Hay House Really Let Doreen Virtue Go?

did hay house really let doreen virtue go

Hay House announced late last year that they had let Doreen Virtue go. This seemed a natural step for them to take after having to refund hundreds of people who felt their certificates with Doreen Virtue were worthless after she turned around and trashed her own work, claiming to have been demon-possessed while teaching it.  Continue reading “Did Hay House Really Let Doreen Virtue Go?”

Bring Doreen Virtue to Justice

Bring Doreen Virtue to Justice

We demand accountability and that Doreen Virtue be brought to justice for illegally soliciting for donations for an unregistered charity. The site used to solicit these donations was taken down after we revealed that the operation was illegal. Continue reading “Bring Doreen Virtue to Justice”

A Review of Doreen Virtue’s The Joy Of Jesus

Doreen Virtue Joy of Jesus Book Review

The Joy of Jesus

So Doreen finally published that book which we all knew was coming. You know, the one about her conversion where she gets to rant about her detractors who are obviously used by the Devil. This is why I couldn’t finish blogging about Doreen. There had to be one more post and this is it. This is where we look at her big door slam on the New Age and her attempt to discredit those who spoke out against her. I was under no illusion that this wouldn’t happen… and here we are 🙂 Continue reading “A Review of Doreen Virtue’s The Joy Of Jesus”

Cancer Patient Conned by Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue Cons Cancer Patient

The Victims of Doreen Virtue’s Rescue Ranch Charity Solicitations

When a friend of mine revealed that a friend of hers who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer had donated to Doreen Virtue’s now disbanded animal rescue ranch, I reached out for an interview. I was upset myself after learning that the course fee that I had paid to keep the rescue animals safe in their forever home didn’t keep those animals safe for more than a few months. Continue reading “Cancer Patient Conned by Doreen Virtue”

The Grisly Ending to Doreen Virtue’s Rescue Pigs

This post is very hard for me to write… I’ve been crying this morning since I received the latest video evidence…

For quite some time now, we have been trying to find out what happened to the rescue ranch animals from Doreen Virtue’s Avalon Animal Rescue ranch. Doreen Virtue promised that all her animals were given to vegan friends on the islandContinue reading “The Grisly Ending to Doreen Virtue’s Rescue Pigs”