Doreen Virtue Monetizes Real Jesus and Performs Miracle of the Vanishing Rescue Ranch Newspaper Article

Doreen Virtue Monetizes Real Jesus and Performs Miracle
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Jesus Vision Monetized

As we all predicted, Doreen Virtue has now started monetizing her January 7 Jesus vision by selling a poster of the ‘real Jesus,’ aka Jesus of Nazareth. Because only if you add ‘of Nazareth’ can use his name as ‘bug bomb’ against lower energy, apparently. Further proof that Doreen still hasn’t read the whole Bible since the demons themselves don’t mind using this name – See Mark 1:24 “What do You want with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have You come to destroy us? I know who You are–the Holy One of God!” Surely the demons would have use a more palatable nick name or they would have gone ‘poof’ before they got to the end of the sentence? Food for thought and moving right along…

Apparently the real Jesus looks like a young Cat Stevens with a slightly longer perm and fuller beard. How reassuring. Because we all know that we can trust in the accuracy of Doreen’s psychic ability completely. Obviously, this means earlier depictions weren’t as on fleek or accurate. Might as well put them all on the bonfire. What are the odds that this picture will hang above the altar when Doreen flings open the doors of her Divine Guidance church?

Apparently, Doreen Virtue says she only decided to make this print available after a ‘lot of prayer.’ That tickled me. How much is a lot of prayer? Did she pray three times? Was there a ‘no’ the first time, a ‘maybe’ the second and finally a ‘*sigh,* alright then.’ Or maybe she prayed and fasted all night until the real, 3D Jesus appeared again and gave his blessing? Either way, those of us who have been following Doreengate predicted this happening months ago…

Doreen Virtue Wages Spiritual War

Doreen Virtue is talking a lot about spiritual warfare lately. She is learning how to protect herself from the lower energies working through her detractors. Evil is everywhere, apparently. Going by her videos, this ‘real Jesus’ seems to have a weaker presences than the ‘Enemy’ and the ‘lower energy.’ Such talk would be cause for worry about the person claiming to so beset upon if we were talking about someone other than a person who is using the whole scenario for monetary gain and the pity vote.

Doreen Virtue is filming her daily videos where she rants about lower energy and spiritual warfare from a location not unlike THIS. Living in a million dollar abode, she has somehow managed to give her followers the impression that is now completely impoverished, having lost both her home and her job. This couldn’t be further from the truth since she actually owns several properties, including the Kohala Ranch which still hasn’t sold. Of course, poor mouthing suits her agenda of trying to make people believe that she simply could not afford to keep those 300 rescue animals that allegedly found homes in the space of a month after Doreen Virtue disavowed herself of the weight of the promise that these animals were all now safe in their forever home.

As part of Doreen Virtue’s spiritual warfare tactics, she has managed to miraculously make any social media questions and comments that display even the smallest shred of critical thinking miraculously disappear, no matter how politely worded they have been. Clearly, the angels are keen on censorship. Did she (or the angels fighting on her behalf) also get West Hawaii Today to take the June 20, 2017 article about the animal sanctuary down or is editor Tom Hasslinger telling the truth? Let me give you a rundown of events so you can make your own mind up:

The Miraculously Vanishing and Reappearing Newspaper article

The article has been referred to by both myself and Ursula Clarke to prove that Doreen Virtue was telling big fibs both to West Hawaii Today and to her own followers. In the West Hawaii Today article, Doreen Virtue claims to be aware that she has to pay for all the rescue animals out of her own pocket since the sanctuary is not a registered charity. However, she seems happy to report that the eBay sales of various items she has worn on tour is enough to pay for the cost of feed on a month-by-month basis.

This article was published 14 months after the move from Maui to the Main Island. I believe around 100 animals were part of that move. In the spring of 2017, Doreen reports that the number or rescue animals has grown to over two hundred and only a short couple of months later (June 2017, time of this article) Doreen and Michael have around three hundred animals in their supposed forever homes.

In August/September, Doreen and Michael make some public announcements about the dissolution of the Sanctuary and claim that they have to abandon the rescue animals due to having plowed through Doreen’s savings. These statements and the information given to me by people who know and have worked with Doreen for many years prompted me to do some research into public records. There is no way in hell she ran out of money.

As part of this research I came across the newspaper article by West Hawaii Today. I turned to the editor Tom Hasslinger for help with a follow-up story so that we could at least find out what happened to all those rescue animals that were so quickly rehomed.

I sent along all the evidence I had gathered so far, along with links/screenshots to prove that Doreen Virtue had indeed been soliciting for donations in spite of claiming to fund the rescue ranch with her own work. This is the reply I got and then I didn’t hear anything more from Mr. Hasslinger:

Editor of West Hawaii Today - Tom Hasslinger

The other day, I went back to have a read of the article to see if anyone else had commented, only to find that it had disappeared. I emailed Mr. Hasslinger about this:

tom hasslinger editor of west hawaii today

In case you can’t read the text in this exchange because it is to titchy (if you’re on your phone etc), I have copied and pasted it below:

Dear Tom, 

Can you please tell me why you deleted this article from your site:

Thank you.

Kind regards, 


T.H.: We got a new website about a month ago and a lot of our archives were lost in the switch unfortunately.

Right, well thank god for the wayback machine since this material is part of the investigation. 🙂 (I also sent him the link the wayback machine had retrieved)

I thought, OK, articles could go missing in a move. However, I was curious to find out just how many articles might have gone missing in the switch so I looked up the June 2017 archives and as far as I could tell, there weren’t many (if any) articles missing other than the Doreen Virtue rescue ranch interview. How odd! I started writing about it last night but my gut told me to go back and check and that’s when I found what you see below… The article had miraculously reappeared in the June archives:

True Spiritual Warfare

Now, I don’t know if the article miraculously disappeared (to Doreen’s advantage, of course), as part of some spiritual warfare hocus pocus or there is something else going on here… But I’m glad that the original article is back and that people who want accountability can now comment on it. The old comments were not republished when the article was.

As for Doreen’s spiritual war… Well, good luck on waging a ‘spiritual’ war against the truth. It usually doesn’t end very well. Those of us who donated and bought courses to keep these animals safe are owed accountability (and refunds!) and the State of HI are probably owed taxes on the donation money collected since this was not a registered charity. I think a key to success in spiritual warfare is that you fight on behalf of the Truth. I am going to keep doing just that.



PS. This article was originally published on www.angelorum 6 February, 2018.

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