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Lisa Frideborg Eddy the UK Tarot Reader Blocked by Doreen Virtue

Hi, I’m Lisa Frideborg Eddy and I’m the UK Tarot reader that Doreen Virtue refers to as a ‘bully’ and someone who ‘persecutes’ her for her faith. I am the person she threatened to sue in May 2018 for speaking out about her treatment of the rescue ranch animals, donors and students after her conversion.

I decided to add this as my ‘About me’ page today, 30 August 2018, so that people who try to find out who the UK Tarot Reader Doreen referred to is can find out more easily. I’m not doing this to draw attention to my person but to help people find information about what happened in the aftermath of Doreengate.

At first, I was disappointed that Doreen was going down the path of slandering me in public; I had hoped against hope that she would make good on her word to take me to court. If she had, all kinds of truths about the rescue ranch would have had to be made public (such as the fact that she did, in fact, solicit illegally for it and she is not refunding the rescue ranch donors).

Then it dawned on me that, ‘Hey, this is a good opportunity to draw attention to the plight of the victims.’ Some people had already managed to find this site thanks to Doreen’s slander of me, so why not make it a bit easier?

A couple of things about me that Doreen is lying about: I don’t hate Christians and I don’t think the Bible isn’t real (which she has misquoted me as saying). I’m a ChristoPagan and I don’t take a literal view of the Bible but I certainly think much of it is still relevant in this day and age. I respect everyone’s path but I don’t respect intolerance in the name of religion.

Gathering this information is primarily for the purpose of seeking restitution in the form of a) transparency – i.e. we need to know what happened to all of the rescue animals and in particular the pigs we know were sold rather than ‘given to vegan friends’ b) restitution – i.e. refunds need to be paid out forthwith and c) a public apology needs to be made to all of those victims who were gaslighted and lied to by Doreen Virtue.

This was never about Doreen Virtue’s choice of paths for me. She can believe whatever the heck she wants but she cannot demonise her former following who are still funding her millionaire lifestyle and that is exactly what she is busy doing.

This site is not about me. It’s about all Doreen’s many victims and I just happened to be assigned the role as spokesperson. This site is the voice of many thousands.


Lisa (aka ‘The UK Tarot Reader’)