Doreen Virtue Encourages Sabotage of Her New Age Products Across US Book Stores

Melissa Dougherty's post about sabotage of Doreen Virtue's New Age Books

Before anybody claims that this title is misleading and that it is Melissa Dougherty, not Doreen Virtue herself, who is encouraging sabotage of Doreen Virtue’s New Age books across US book stores, please read the post I shared above carefully. This is not the first time, so Doreen is well aware! Continue reading “Doreen Virtue Encourages Sabotage of Her New Age Products Across US Book Stores”

Did Hay House Really Let Doreen Virtue Go?

did hay house really let doreen virtue go

Hay House announced late last year that they had let Doreen Virtue go. This seemed a natural step for them to take after having to refund hundreds of people who felt their certificates with Doreen Virtue were worthless after she turned around and trashed her own work, claiming to have been demon-possessed while teaching it.  Continue reading “Did Hay House Really Let Doreen Virtue Go?”

Hay House Let Doreen Virtue Go

Hay House let Doreen Virtue go - You're Fired
You’re fired!

Hay House let Doreen Virtue go. You can hear it straight from the horse’s mouth in this the latest daily Mornings with the Lord video.*** There is a time when I would have felt this would have been a good move by Hay House because of Doreen Virtue’s mistreatment of students. Sadly, after all that has happened around Doreengate, too much has been revealed about Hay House for me to be able to trust them with any more of my money. Continue reading “Hay House Let Doreen Virtue Go”

How to get a refund for your Doreen Virtue course

how to get a refund

When I blogged about how my Doreen Virtue certificates were worthless to my business after the Teacher denounced the very essence on her work HERE, HERE and HERE I initially had no plans to ask for refunds for any of the courses, mainly because I didn’t know my rights as a consumer. It was the talk about a possible class action lawsuit that made me realise that I did indeed have a valid claim after how unprofessionally both Doreen Virtue and Hay House handled questions and claims from concerned students.  Continue reading “How to get a refund for your Doreen Virtue course”

Where the Hell Is Wayne, Doreen?

Dr Wayne W. Dyer

Dr Wayne W. Dyer has been my hero since I was ten years old. I found his book ‘Your Erroneous Zones’ in my family home and read it over a period of a few nights. I remember lying in bed reading and being filled with light and hope by the power of his words. I remember the period that followed… I was as happy as I had ever been between the ages of ten and 12, and much of it was thanks to being able to meet the challenges of my abusive home environment strengthened by Wayne’s wisdom. Continue reading “Where the Hell Is Wayne, Doreen?”