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Please get in touch if you can provide information and evidence about what happened to the rescue animals that Doreen Virtue told people on social media and in the book ‘The Joy of Jesus’ were given to vegan friends.

We also want to hear from you if you have been scammed by Doreen Virtue in any way. In the book mentioned above, Doreen Virtue claims to have started refunding people who donated to the rescue ranch at the time of the move from Hawaii to WA in October 2017. None of the people we are in touch with have been refunded to date (June 2018).

You may not be aware of this but Doreen Virtue solicited for donations illegally. Yes, that’s right – It’s ILLEGAL to solicit for donations for an unregistered charity in the state of Hawaii. Any evidence you may have will be gratefully received and forwarded to the proper authorities. Or please email to contact the Attorney General Tax & Charities Office yourself, if you prefer.

Students certified by Doreen Virtue who have had their practitioner registers taken down without warning or without being given refunds are also welcome to get in touch. The same goes for students who were booted from student forums without being given any form of explanation and subsequently being refused refunds.

Thank you for your help with bringing Doreen Virtue to justice and holding her accountable for those poor rescue animals that so many of us made great sacrifices to keep safe.

Blessed be!