Bring Doreen Virtue to Justice

Bring Doreen Virtue to Justice

We demand accountability and that Doreen Virtue be brought to justice for illegally soliciting for donations for an unregistered charity. The site used to solicit these donations was taken down after we revealed that the operation was illegal.

A couple of other sites have been taken down since Doreen Virtue’s conversion, leaving many former students high and dry, stripping them of their rightful place in practitioner registers that were deleted without warning. These students were subsequently refused refunds, as were all but two students who were booted from student forums for asking questions.

The two students who received refunds so far include Lisa Frideborg Eddy and Ursula Clarke. You can read about Ursula Clarke’s experience HERE. Lisa shares her experience of the Angelologist course HERE.

We have good reason to believe that Lisa and Ursula were refunded only for speaking out against Doreen Virtue’s wrongdoings on platforms big enough for her sales to be impacted. Why else has nobody else received a refund? We have been in contact with dozens of very unhappy students who have tried to get refunds but keep getting passed from pillar to post by Doreen Virtue’s moderators, her partner Michael Robinson and her daughter-in-law Melissa Virtue.

You can read about what happened to the Fairyologist site and practitioner register HERE.

I have also received news that the Angel Therapy practitioner register was taken down. Many of the students listed there invested their life savings to study and get certified by Doreen Virtue. ETA 7 July: However, we recently discovered that Doreen Virtue’s con game on the Asian market is still in full swing. Not only is she busy pushing the AI online course there, the Japanese ATP practitioner register is still up!

Please contact us if you can have been refused refunds or if you donated to the animal rescue and have not yet been refunded. We also want to hear from anyone who can help with evidence about what happened to the 300+ rescue animals that were supposedly given to vegan friends – especially since we have evidence that at least some of the animals were in fact sold.

Doreen Virtue has issued a legal threat for a libel lawsuit against Lisa Frideborg Eddy for speaking out and demanding accountability for what happened to the rescue pigs. This was two months ago and it has become beyond apparent just how empty a threat this was. After all, it was Doreen Virtue who was on the wrong side of the law.

This site was created to show Doreen Virtue that we are standing firm in our fight for justice for the abandoned animals, scammed donors and mistreated students.

We will not give up until all animals are accounted for, all donors have been refunded and every student who asked for a refund has been refunded!