Doreen Virtue keeps cashing in on the Asian New Age market

Doreen keeps cashing in on the Asian New Age market
I ran this through Swedish Google translate to find out the truth in my own native language… As you can see, Doreen Virtue (Dolen Bartue) maintains that she has a legit PhD to her Japanese audience.

This is interesting… Remember how Doreen Virtue did that certified Angel Card reader workshop with Angela Hartfield for a Japanese audience in March this year…?

Remember how she was defending it to her Christian audience in the daily Bible study video shortly after the workshop? According to her, she was basically just there to spread the gospel. She bragged about how she got all the Japanese students to download the Bible app. She claimed that just seeing all the New Age products sold there was like seeing poison…

What a way to treat Angela, the friend and loyal colleague who was there to cover for the part that Doreen could no longer be seen to teach herself, telling the world that Angela’s decks used for the Angel Reading part of the workshop were poison. Yet it wasn’t beneath her to cash in on the event OR to try to convert people who had bought a New Age course, hoping to learn how to read Angel Cards by the Angel Lady herself… That’s the kind of false advertisement that was used to lure people in.

To Doreen Virtue’s Japanese audience, it would not appear that she has embraced a conversion to Christianity.

Her OFFICIAL Japanese site, doreen dot jp is 100% New Age still… and check this – Her latest blog post on there, posted days before the workshop is equally 100% New Age – If you run it through Google Translate you can quickly verify this for yourself.

At the bottom of the post, it says the text was extracted from an blog post on the Angel Therapy site, posted in 2016. No doubt, Doreen will use that in her defence. No doubt, she will say she has no control over what is shared on her own official sites and that it is her Japanese publishers who manage that for her.

But wait, that’s not all… Doreen Virtue is now pushing her Angel Intuitive online course on the Japanese site. She isn’t exactly undercharging for it either. The cost of the online course is 50,000 Japanese yen. In dollars this is about $450 (£340).

Dear Japanese friends, you are being played like a fiddle! Ker-ching, ker-ching!!! This course and everything it stands for, she is now busy demonising in her book ‘The Joy of Jesus‘ aimed at the American Christian market.

And this isn’t the only course she is selling on her official Japanese site. Interestingly, the ATP practitioner register is still up in Japan. She has taken down her English-speaking ATP practitioner register – without refunding her students.

The Japanese market, as well as many other parts of the Asian market are still wide open for Doreen Virtue to cash in on. And you can bet your bottom dollar that she is doing just that!

If you are one of Doreen Virtue’s loyal Christian followers who are reading this… are you going to take her word for it? Are you going to believe her when she says she has no control over the situation? Are you going to believe her when she says that all New Age royalties are being donated to charities?

I’m sorry to say this but you need to wake up and smell the coffee.

Doreen Virtue continues to deny refunds for now defunct courses and apps. This goes completely against Christ’s teachings (Luke 19:8). She has outright lied about refunding the people who donated to the rescue rance. She has also lied about giving all the rescue animals to vegan friends. We know for a fact that the rescue pigs were sold. She lied about the fairyologist certificates being valid and the practitioner register going back up.

Please, please, pretty please… Do, by all means, stay on your Christian path… but find a teacher who isn’t a greedy liar!

There is an ongoing ‘Summer Sale’ on Doreen’s site.

Do you really believe that all that money is going to charity?

Oh  boy.

14 thoughts on “Doreen Virtue keeps cashing in on the Asian New Age market”

  1. I wait impatiently for the day her Christian followers join the dots and the scales fall from their eyes. I’m reminded of the Judgement card in Tarot because it isn’t poison to me! Wicked, wicked woman.

  2. This is an outright lying. Hopefully one day the gullible followers of hers do their own research and find a teacher that genuinely capable and sincere teaching Jesus love. Not some hypocrites that use Jesus as a cover… better yet don’t depend on any people but take a educated spiritual path whatever it is and do what is right while being spiritually healthy.

    1. Yes, we are all learning to better trust our inner knowing and to be more discerning through what has happened here. Thank you for commenting, Richard!

  3. This needs to go viral and I hope it does. People like DV only get away with this because most people turn a blind eye and just say everyone has their own path – oh, lets not upset the apple cart or someone may think badly about us. It is this indifference that makes me want to puke. I may not always scream the loudest, but I do what I can to make people aware.

  4. Doreen Virtue before and after her baptism/confirmation in 2017 engaged in simony fraud. Simony is not standard fraud per the Bible.

    Virtue, if you were to take the Bible literally, is entrapping new age ppl to lose their money & even more importantly their very souls. To attempt to buy or sell a gift of God is fraud per the New Testament as no one can buy a gift of God.

    The Bible states very clearly the penalty for one even trying to buy a gift of God, is the 2nd death. Virtue’s luring people to keep getting caught up in her false certification game after her baptism would be her as a Christian making their souls disposable while she takes them of their money.

    SIMONY is eternal life risking fraud from the Christian view. The Bible says you have to repent of a sin totally in order 2B forgiven it. Virtue by a Biblical view is setting her students up not to repent of what they did in giving her money to buy a gift of God.

    Her failure to admit her clear defilement of her students as souls via her ponzi certification scam thru Hay House & others & to make right her harm , refunding the scammed , begging each student for personal forgiveness with no excuses for it , comes with it in the ripple that most her students will die not even knowing they need to repent of their sin by her game & some have gone on to falsely certify others in angel simony . .

    Her videos declaring there was nothing so wrong with what she did in her teachings that the certificates are still valid will give her students no indication of how she deeply defiled them & has risked them to eternal death . She made an oppsie while teaching them in her classes while she was under the power of Satan as a possessed person but the blending of lies with touch of truth makes it still valid ? She she should get to keep all the thousands of people defrauded by her books. decks and classes money because screw you & screw justice is what Jesus lived & taught?

    The Bible commands her not to come to the table of the Lord till she has made right her offenses to others. Instead of making right her sins to those she has harmed , she takes the money she should be giving them in refunds and spends it on herself and her family while she also brags of charity she gives (of their money) .

    Use the word SIMONY and make sure people get Bancarz was called to push Virtue Dec 2017 to admit all her false certification were fraudulent & to return the swindled money from her Dec 2017 Hay House event & he said she gets to keep money by simony.He tried to play the blame it on Hay House game when its not Reid Tracy seeing Jesus & hearing the Holy Spirit.. its her.

    It’s not when Bancarz can’t bless homosexuality against the Bible that he hates.. But rather we see his hatred : when he would rather lose new age souls by the thousands to hell for Virtue’s false spiritual certification game & he he lets her keep setting others up for eternal death while she brags to him boldly .. she can’t live in a tiny apartment & she has to keep taking profit by demonically made products .. due to her perceived lifestyle demands.

    He is claiming Jesus sent him to witness and he is wearing in what he enables via Virtue soul risking game & her lying addiction , a sign more clear of his not caring about what love or God would call him to , than even Melania Trump’s jacket worn to visit the child detention center.

    I suggest if you write a piece up on Bancarz enabling simony & the twitter conversation he had with us .. that you show a similar type jacket with a cross design and the same words as were on Melania’s jacket .

    1. I think part of the problem could be that simony isn’t in the fundie Evangelical vocabulary. Also, their view is that once saved, always saved – literally… So what she has done in the past and what she may do even after her supposed conversion doesn’t really matter all that much. You’re dealing very different kettle of fish to Catholicism here, Desiree. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      1. How can simony not be in their vocabulary as it’s tied to the story right in the Bible?

        Once saved always saved from the Catholic view, is a pathway for delusional christians to sit in the stench of their perceived spiritual entitlement while they commit grave sins & by their behaviors lead people from God. It is like some child saying I got an A grade on a test 5 yrs ago so I am still a grade A student while they are getting F’s on their current exams. They seem to miss the part of the Bible where it warns that at the judgement Jesus will have some cry out to him saying Lord Lord and He shall say to them , who the heck are you people , I know you not.

        Bancarz aligns himself to a very unwell woman.
        He plays a very stupid game attacking occult anything with a possible deceit game to profit himself through Doreen Virtue. He might appear to some as if he were as innocent as a serpent & as wise as a Kakapo.

  5. This, sadly, does not shock me. She’s full of sh*t if she says she has no control over international publishing of her works and workshops. She has an agent and a lawyer. They go over all contracts with her and help her get the best deals. HH is also full of sh*t, but they’ve been chasing the almighty dollar since Reid Tracey took over, so that’s not shocking in the least that they’d keep pushing her crap long after “letting her go.” How her fundamentalist “friends” can turn a blind eye to her clear double tongued ethics is beyond me. I hope others from Europe and Asia continue to come forward and share what she’s doing so the American crowd gets a too difficult to ignore clear picture!

    1. Thanks, Angela. Yes, I agree… Pretty dumb to believe she has no control over the situation. But she has utterly managed to convince her fundie following of just that!

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