Doreen Virtue keeps cashing in on the Asian New Age market

Doreen keeps cashing in on the Asian New Age market
I ran this through Swedish Google translate to find out the truth in my own native language… As you can see, Doreen Virtue (Dolen Bartue) maintains that she has a legit PhD to her Japanese audience.

This is interesting… Remember how Doreen Virtue did that certified Angel Card reader workshop with Angela Hartfield for a Japanese audience in March this year…?

Remember how she was defending it to her Christian audience in the daily Bible study video shortly after the workshop? According to her, she was basically just there to spread the gospel. She bragged about how she got all the Japanese students to download the Bible app. She claimed that just seeing all the New Age products sold there was like seeing poison…

What a way to treat Angela, the friend and loyal colleague who was there to cover for the part that Doreen could no longer be seen to teach herself, telling the world that Angela’s decks used for the Angel Reading part of the workshop were poison. Yet it wasn’t beneath her to cash in on the event OR to try to convert people who had bought a New Age course, hoping to learn how to read Angel Cards by the Angel Lady herself… That’s the kind of false advertisement that was used to lure people in.

To Doreen Virtue’s Japanese audience, it would not appear that she has embraced a conversion to Christianity.

Her OFFICIAL Japanese site, doreen dot jp is 100% New Age still… and check this – Her latest blog post on there, posted days before the workshop is equally 100% New Age – If you run it through Google Translate you can quickly verify this for yourself.

At the bottom of the post, it says the text was extracted from an blog post on the Angel Therapy site, posted in 2016. No doubt, Doreen will use that in her defence. No doubt, she will say she has no control over what is shared on her own official sites and that it is her Japanese publishers who manage that for her.

But wait, that’s not all… Doreen Virtue is now pushing her Angel Intuitive online course on the Japanese site. She isn’t exactly undercharging for it either. The cost of the online course is 50,000 Japanese yen. In dollars this is about $450 (£340).

Dear Japanese friends, you are being played like a fiddle! Ker-ching, ker-ching!!! This course and everything it stands for, she is now busy demonising in her book ‘The Joy of Jesus‘ aimed at the American Christian market.

And this isn’t the only course she is selling on her official Japanese site. Interestingly, the ATP practitioner register is still up in Japan. She has taken down her English-speaking ATP practitioner register – without refunding her students.

The Japanese market, as well as many other parts of the Asian market are still wide open for Doreen Virtue to cash in on. And you can bet your bottom dollar that she is doing just that!

If you are one of Doreen Virtue’s loyal Christian followers who are reading this… are you going to take her word for it? Are you going to believe her when she says she has no control over the situation? Are you going to believe her when she says that all New Age royalties are being donated to charities?

I’m sorry to say this but you need to wake up and smell the coffee.

Doreen Virtue continues to deny refunds for now defunct courses and apps. This goes completely against Christ’s teachings (Luke 19:8). She has outright lied about refunding the people who donated to the rescue rance. She has also lied about giving all the rescue animals to vegan friends. We know for a fact that the rescue pigs were sold. She lied about the fairyologist certificates being valid and the practitioner register going back up.

Please, please, pretty please… Do, by all means, stay on your Christian path… but find a teacher who isn’t a greedy liar!

There is an ongoing ‘Summer Sale’ on Doreen’s site.

Do you really believe that all that money is going to charity?

Oh  boy.