Doreen Virtue Compares Blog Posts About Her to Persecution of Christians

Persecution of Christians by blogger with monetized blog lol

A couple of people have brought to my attention that Doreen Virtue is talking about my blog in her latest weekly video. It’s not the first time. Rewind to November 7 and you will catch her spitting nails about my blog, claiming I built a cottage industry around blogging about here.

I responded by being completely transparent about how much I earn from Google ads every month. My blog has been monetized for several years. I started blogging back in 2006 and have published well over 2,000 articles in total since then. 1,000 of those can be found on the Angelorum blog. I make a maximum of £150 in ad revenue a month and blogging about Doreen has made no difference to my income. Her claim that I built a cottage industry around her is ludicrous.

As for ‘click bait’ headlines, any blogger will tell you that if you want your post to get read you need a catchy headline that reflects what the post is about. I will make no excuses for sharing the truth about Doreen. I am certainly not getting rich off it and my most read posts are about the TAROT, not about Doreen.

Jesus merchandise

If you want to figure out approximately how much traffic a website or blog gets every month, you can use Similarweb or Alexa to check. The lower the number, the bigger the blog. Google is the leading site (of course) and FB is number 2. My blog currently ranks in the 400,000’s globally, meaning there are more than 400,000 blogs that get more hits than mine on a daily basis. Doreen’s own site and blog ranks in the 95,000’s and she sells her own Jesus merchandise from that blog.

No, Doreen’s not monetized with ads but she is sure as hell not on there out of the goodness of her heart. She is a shrewd multimillionaire business owner. She wants you to BUY her Jesus cards and books and courses. Or she does on her US site which has completely ‘Christianised’ now to fit with the new following she is gathering with her daily Bible study videos.

Buy wholesale Tarot decks direct from Doreen

I’ve previously mentioned her Italian-based site where she happily still sells ‘detestable to the Lord’ Tarot decks that she has disavowed to her new Christian following. Today, I found out her New Age products are available directly from her to Indian booksellers. So what happens to the promise that revenue from Tarot decks would all go to charity via the HH foundation? The screenshot below was captured today, 26 February 2018.

Persecution – I do not think that word means what you think it means

It has been brought to my attention that in her most recent weekly video, Doreen Virtue claims to suffer the modern-day equivalent of being thrown to the lions (she literally says this). Apparently she is that badly ‘persecuted’ on social media. She then goes on to talk about ‘mean’ and ‘untrue’ blog posts with headline articles that are clickbait for monetized blogs. (Interesting remark from someone who is whoring out the ‘real Jesus’ out for a few bob.)

This ‘poor me’ spiel follows directly after talking about persecution of Christians in the third world. She could have shown a bit of class there and asked people to support the charities that help those poor Christian victims. But no. She quickly moves on and makes it all about her and her own persecution… But praise God because it has made her so ‘compassionate’ and ‘understanding’ of the suffering of others – apparently. Not really though since it was all about her (again). If you listen from around 12 minutes onward, you can form your own opinion about what this is really about.

Continuous poormouthing

Those of us who have been watching this train wreck know a couple of things that Doreen doesn’t want you to know. Doreen wants you to believe that she is now nearly destitute and struggling for money. She sits in her tiny studio space in her million dollar villa and tries to make out that she lost all she had because of following Christ. She is also still busy trying to convince everyone that she couldn’t afford to keep the rescue ranch.

I don’t think this is fair. I think people deserve to know the truth – Especially the people she conned into donating for those animals to be safe in their ‘forever home.’ Doreen is still a multimillionaire owner of many properties. When she sells her Kohala ranch, she may have to take a bit of a loss with the sale but that is not going to make her destitute. Public records speak to the contrary. Her Father’s house has many mansions… and so does she. In 2017, Doreen sold a couple of properties worth more than 5 million dollars. She purchased a few new properties last year too and there is a list of the HI properties she still owns in circulation. It’s hard to refer to something as ‘rumours’ or ‘nasty lies’ when there are public records to the contrary.

At least she is not lying about one thing. In her FAQ video from the other week, she made it abundantly clear she didn’t want to pay tax. That much is true.

People are getting in touch

People I don’t even know personally are contacting me because they know Doreen is talking about my blog in her videos…

Hey Lisa, Not sure if you saw the latest Doreen video on FB. I don’t know why I torture myself watching but I do. Anyway, she literally compares her “being persecuted by people looking to make money through click bait” with Christians being persecuted in 3rd world countries. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so despicable. Maybe I am reading into it but I always feel like she is referring to you when she is talking about those that write “mean untrue” things about her… other words…..exposing her. Sorry to bring this to your attention if you aren’t interested, but you have done such great work regarding what has transpired with her I figured you might want to know.

I was in two minds about whether to blog about this but having heard from quite a few people that she mentions my blog, I decided to be as transparent as possible, coz that’s how I roll… and Dozzer says it’s a blessing because it’s making her more compassionate… so win-win, right?

Also, for the record: I love my Christian brothers and sisters. I would consider myself a non-traditional Christian or ChristoPagan and I don’t have any problems with anyone walking a more traditional Christian path. It was never about that and that is really one of the main reasons why I keep blogging every time Doreen puts more lies out there, claiming she is being ‘persecuted’ for her Christianity. Bollocks! I love genuine Christians and Christ; I can’t stand liars and lies.

ETA 27 Jan, 2019: Doreen deleted the video below from her own channel but someone else had uploaded it. I’m guessing she deleted it because she actually makes an admission of soliciting for an unregistered charity which is ILLEGAL in the state of HI.



PS. This article was originally published on 26 February, 2018.