Doreen Virtue Continues to Speak with a Forked Tongue

Doreen Virtue Continues to Speak with a Forked Tongue

On 24 October, Doreen Virtue added a new YouTube video on her channel, titled ‘Why are Doreen Virtue’s New Age Products still for sale?’

In this video, she tells her YouTube audience that she still sells her ‘Mornings with the Lord’ and Jesus cards in her own amazon store. She also says that it is not she but her publishers that continue to sell all her New Age products globally.

As we know from previous statements, Doreen Virtue still profits from the sale of New Age products and she uses the money to fund her current mission as well as to pay off back taxes. Oddly, though she claims she cannot afford to give out any refunds, she CAN afford to give to charity…?

Doreen Virtue refuses refunds New Money still funding millionaire lifestyle

This must be very upsetting to people who have not started their courses and don’t even receive the courtesy of a reply to their refund requests.  Doreen Virtue seems quite happy to keep their money, which is clearly not the Christian thing to do.

To the fundamentalist following who are listening to her daily Bible study videos on Vimeo, Doreen’s recent statement is problematic. Perhaps she was hoping they wouldn’t catch that little plug for Hay House products still on sale… Because it seems she has been telling her Christian fans that she no longer endorses Mornings with the Lord, the Jesus cards or any of her former Hay House publications.

The book, Mornings with the Lord contains some New Age elements, so it would make sense for her to stop endorsing this book as well as any type of cards now that she has gone down the fundamentalist Christian route. In fact, that is what is expected of her and Doreen is working so very hard to please her new audience.

Doreen Virtue continues to speak with a forked tongue

Will Doreen Virtue’s new Christian following pick up on the discrepancies or will they simply be brushed under the carpet? It wouldn’t be surprising if the state of denial continues. We are seeing such massive cognitive dissonance in the USA right now, concerning many things, and people who do not witness things first hand will be quick to write things off as ‘fake news’ if they haven’t witnessed them first hand – especially if what is stated contradicts their own beliefs.

Christian friends, are you OK with Doreen Virtue funding her lifestyle with New Age money? Below is the New Age section in my local Waterstones book store (United Kingdom)… I spy about 15 different Doreen Virtue products on the shelves that she still gets royalties from (only the Tarot decks are excluded). Are you OK with her dodgy business practices and refusal to offer refunds to people who haven’t even started her courses? Are you OK with the fact that she was soliciting for donations illegally for her unregistered animal rescue and then proceeded to gaslight and threaten those who called her wrongdoings with legal action?

Doreen Virtue products in Waterstones

And because we still have not heard from Doreen Virtue what happened to 16 rescue pigs which were apparently were SOLD rather than ‘given to vegan friends,’ I’m adding THIS LINK and a question for Doreen Virtue’s Christian followers… Whether you are meat eaters or not, why would you choose to follow a spiritual leader/teacher who lies about something like that? To add insult to injury, she also lied in her book ‘The Joy of Jesus’ about refunding the donors to her Avalon Rescue Ranch.

Ever since Doreen Virtue went public with her conversion, she has been speaking with a forked tongue and worked very hard to delete the evidence of this whenever she got caught out. Dozens of videos where she was soliciting for the rescue ranch are gone, for instance…  as is the site they used to collect the money. Literally the only way to know the truth is to seek out facts and evidence, and that is the sole purpose for the existence of this blog.

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