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Chakra Clearing Certification Course with Doreen Virtue

ETA 6 Feb 2018: Three days after exposing Doreen Virtue’s double dealings in foreign countries and the chakra course has just now been taken off the menu on the Italian site… but the automated oracle readings are still there. You can ask questions of the the Angels HERE and the Unicorns HERE. Most shocking of all, she is still selling TAROT decks on this site!! Maybe they will disappear too now that I have pointed out to English-speaking readers that Doreen still encourages ORACLE & TAROT READINGS on her Italian site. Let’s see…

ETA 11 Feb 2018: The Chakra Clearing course was presumably pulled from Doreen’s site by the company that manage it for her at her request. Why did she not request to have all her New Age courses from their site while she was at it? They are still selling her Card Reader course which means she is still making money from teaching people how to connect with ‘lower energy’ and engaging in practices that are ‘detestable to the Lord.’

Yesterday, it became apparent that Doreen Virtue had participated in the German New Age Flow! event. I posted about it on my Facebook Profile page. As usual, Doreen found out about my post. I’m not sure who from camp DV is monitoring my posts, but you may recall it wasn’t long ago they made several significant changes to the ‘From Christianity to New Age’ book after I reviewed it (including removing a sentence where Doreen Virtue dissed New Agers). She issued an official statement with regards to the German event:

Doreen Virtue claims she didn't know she was taking part in the German New Age event

A couple of people asked some relevant questions in response to this post… This one stood out to me – mainly because Doreen quite incredibly actually answered the question (well, sort of) rather than just block and delete which is what used to happen to many of us on her student forums…

And this is Doreen’s reply…

Doreen Virtue logical impossibility

So, if this is a valid ‘skill set,’ why the need to disavow her old teachings… and to go several steps further and denounce them, referring to those who use this skill set outside her own very specific religious context as ‘detestable to the Lord.’ If the skill set was valid, how come it made Doreen Virtue get everything she taught in the past so incredibly wrong in the eyes of her new fundamentalist followers?

Could it be that Doreen never had the skills she claimed to have? Is it possible that renaming and repackaging products and courses isn’t going to fool as many of her Christian followers as she hoped? Who will buy her repackaged oracle cards which are now called ‘divine guidance cards’? Could it be that she needs the income of her New Age products to pay for the upkeep of her million dollar house (yes, that’s what Doreen means by downsizing)?

My own response to her denial of knowledge of the Flow! event is copied and pasted from my FB page earlier this morning:

Thank you, Doreen and fans of Doreen’s, for being such avid readers of my posts. Since it has now become apparent that Doreen doesn’t know she is being part of New Age promotions and conferences, can I please alert you to the fact that all of Doreen’s New Page products are being pushed in Italy on a Facebook Page in her name, which I’m sure she is in no way associated with or aware of  😏

As for Doreen Virtue not profiting from being part of the Flow! event, can she please tell us where the money from the book sales went? Did she donate these profits to the kind people who took care of the rescue animals that had been promised their forever homes?

Angel Therapy is Doreen Virtue’s own company and is not managed by Hay House at all as far as I can see on the Italian site. This means that she is not under contractual obligation to sell her New Age courses there. Yet she is, and my Italian friends tell me that most people in Italy have no idea about Doreen Virtue’s conversion to fundamentalist Christianity.

I decided to check some facts and figures out on Similarweb. My Italian friends aren’t lying about Doreen Virtue being a big name in Italy. She ranks in the 5,000’s on Similarweb (meaning only 4,000+ other sites get more traffic than hers).

Does Doreen Virtue not know that this site which peddles many of her New Age products and some of her courses exist? Does the right hand not know what the left hand is doing? Who is getting the money from the sales on this site? Why is so little effort made to put the message across – on Doreen Virtue’s own site – that she herself now finds these teachings and practices to be ‘detestable to the Lord‘?

As far as I know there is no other owner to the Angel Therapy franchise than Doreen Virtue herself. If I’m wrong, please step forward and correct me.

Is Doreen only getting the takings for the courses sold on this site or is it all going to charity? Why sell this course that Doreen Virtue would now advise her new following is of lower energy/demonic. The course is selling at a reduced price of €165… What a bargain for learning how to open portals to demon possession! I jest of course, but these fundamentalist Christians that co-authored from New Age to Christianity genuinely believe this to be the case.

chakra clearing course doreen virtue order button


To the Italian audience landing on Doreen’s web site, it appears that her Chakra Clearing course is brand new and her latest offering…

as if nothing has really changed.

And Doreen clearly doesn’t want the world to know about this. Someone posted on Doreen’s FB page to ask about this and the question (below) was almost instantly deleted… Deleting questions like this is not a smart move. It makes people want to investigate further…

question for doreen virtue about chakra certification course

ETA 4 February: As expected, Doreen Virtue now claims on her latest Mornings with the Lord video that she had no idea that her foreign publishers were still promoting her New Age courses and materials. So she has been profiting from New Age publications and courses being sold across the world on non-English-speaking sites for over a year since her conversion, raking in the money and not realising where all those millions were coming from? Please DV fans, tell me you are not that stupid! 


PS. This article was first published on 3 February, 2018.