Doreen Virtue tells people to throw away New Age products

Doreen Virtue tells people to throw away New Age items

Of course, it comes as no surprise, now that Doreen Virtue has officially joined forces with fundamentalist Christian Steven Bancarz, that she is encouraging people to throw away New Age products.

What is rather worrying is that she seems to have forgotten that she created and profited from these items. In fact, her current lavish lifestyle is entirely funded by those royalties. On her new FAQ page, Doreen Virtue chose to focus on the thousands of dollars she herself spent on those types of items rather than the many millions she made from royalties off New Age products.

She still lives in a house built by the almighty dollar rolling in from her unadulterated idolatry. Should she not sell her million dollar mansion funded by money from Tarot decks and teachings about Ascended Masters and move to a more Christian abode? Is it a fair energy exchange that she gets to lead a life of luxury while telling the very people who funded her lifestyle that they are now on their way to hell because they believed her back in the day?

So now she is telling people, many of whom do not own much, to throw away all New Age items, books, products and certificates.

It wasn’t long ago she insisted that her certificates were still valid. Check out this FAQ page from her old website that I managed to fish out from the murky waters of the Internet thanks to the Wayback Machine. This page was up until only a few short months ago. She started redirecting her Angel Therapy site in April 2018, I believe – Do correct me if I’m wrong!

This gave her plenty of time to soothe the frayed emotions and frantic questions of students who felt betrayed. Did she hope that it would all just go away and that people wouldn’t notice that she has now denounced everything she used to believe in, including the certificates for the courses that – of course – can in no way be considered valid. Not only has Doreen invalidated her courses with her own words. She has also taken the practitioner registers down. You can read about the ongoing debacle with the Fairyologist course HERE.

And who is to say Doreen Virtue is not still profiting from this type of work? She actively played both sides of the fence for as long as possible, staying on with Woman’s World where she did a weekly New Age column until very recently. Even today (July 2018), Hay House, in spite of supposedly giving Doreen the boot back in December 2017, keep selling her online courses. The fact that she has been caught lying about refunding people who donated to the rescue ranch makes it very difficult for anybody to believe a word she says. In fact, she is literally making a very poor case for Christ with her actions.

And now this multi-millionaire is urging people in the Christian community to go against her former publishing house and give her New Age products 1-star ratings on Amazon:

Doreen Virtue asking people to give her products 1-star reviews

I’m not sure how this is going to help anybody convert to Christianity. I’m fairly sure Doreen is a cunning business woman though. More reviews means more products being sold, even if the reviews are poor… and perhaps especially if people notice that the poor reviews are by fundies. Divide and conquer still works. It’s really not beneath her to be playing those kinds of games if she has been lying about refunding the people she conned with her rescue ranch scam.

So to summarise all of the above: Doreen Virtue sits in her million dollar mansion, paid for by New Agers, passing judgement on those New Agers and asking poor people to throw away rather than sell the products that funded her lavish lifestyle. Hypocrisy much?