Is Doreen Virtue finally getting ready to do the Christian thing?

Doreen Virtue refunds cancer patient

We had very good news today. Diana Soenarie got her refund for money donated to Doreen Virtue’s rescue ranch the other day! You may remember Diana from THIS post.

Diana is an amazing spiritual warrior and cancer survivor. While she was still undergoing treatment for her cancer, she was one of the many people who responded to Doreen Virtue’s solicitations for the rescue ranch and donated money she could ill afford at the time because Diana has a big heart.

Of course, at the time, Diana didn’t have a clue that Doreen Virtue was illegally soliciting for a rescue ranch that she would ditch only months later. Nor did she know that what it would take to finally get a refund would be to tweet Doreen Virtue: Diana's tweet to Doreen Virtue

Diana fully expected to be blocked instantly, knowing many of her friends had already been blocked… but I suppose Doreen felt it looked bad. She couldn’t do to Diana what she did to me and lie about her to the world. It would look really bad to lie about a cancer survivor, so she replied – not without a large amount gaslighting:

Doreen Virtue gaslights cancer survivor

The UK Tarot reader she is referring to is, of course, yours truly. She keeps calling me a liar, yet produces no evidence to support her own claims, while I – in post after post – produce factual evidence (with screenshots) of her shenanigans, such as the fact that the rescue ranch, though it was an actual ranch with temporarily rescued animals, was not a registered charity. Hence Doreen was soliciting illegally (according to HI charity legislation) and – one might argue – irresponsibly, in light of how those poor animals were hastily sold/abandoned.

This is of course the real reason why she won’t go ahead and sue me for libel which she said she would do back in May in an attempt to make me shut up and make people believe that I was lying about her.  She also told her Christian following that God had promised her victory in a court of law (watch from around 4 minutes). Of course, this could only ever be an empty threat since I’m not the one on the wrong side of the law so instead she has opted to slander me in public.

Diana’s replies to Doreen – She has since been blocked (quel surprise):

I think Doreen responds again before this next message which seems to be in response to Doreen’s offer of a refund:

I just love Diana’s replies to Doreen. She stands firm in her faith and centred in the truth. Because the truth is that nobody else that we know has been refunded yet – Only the ones (including me and Ursula Clarke) who made massive amounts of noise ever received a refund.

Doreen Virtue clearly wants to be seen to do the Christian thing but it seems to her that means that it is easier to perpetuate her own lies. Joel has still not been refunded, for instance, and he was a regular, monthly donor for several months. If Doreen were telling the truth, surely at least one or two of his donations would have been refunded by now? You can read about his plight HERE and HERE (once again with plenty of factual evidence attached in the form of screenshots).

Unfortunately, it seems not only are some of her Christian followers lapping up Doreen Virtue’s lies about me and other former students/donors that she scammed but so are some of the New Age gurus. I can’t help but wonder why since the evidence is plain for all to see but I suppose it could boil down to an unwillingness to research/fact check and think for oneself (a common enough problem in our day and age!).

The most recent example of this happened on THIS FB page only yesterday where posts that tried to help people find the truth were deleted, comments censored and commenters blocked – It’s like being back in the good old Hay House censorship days.

The truth is we have yet to see a famous spiritual teacher, thought leader or media channel have the guts to investigate this properly and publish the truth. It seems they are all more concerned about protecting their ‘brand’ than helping the victims get justice.

This is why I feel compelled to keep going with this. I may have a small-ish platform compared to the giants in spiritual biz but I am nothing if not stubborn. Until everyone has received their refunds and we know exactly what happened to the rescue animals, including the 16 pigs, this site will stay up. More and more people are finding it and the social media pressure can only keep building.

Peace out,


PS. It looks like they have cleaned up their language on their refund notices. This is what I received all those months ago after I first started making some noise 😉 – It’s such a classic example of gaslighting that it should illustrate the concept of ‘gaslighting’ in textbooks:

Refund for Angel Therapy course