It’s not persecution, Doreen

it's not persecution

Somehow, without being allowed on the Angelologist student forum, I’m still receiving the emails whenever someone posts a question or comment. It’s not even one a month recently, so that course (launched in April 2017) seems to have died along with all her New Age courses.

When someone does post on the forum, they occasionally ask why nobody is getting back to them about their refund request. This includes students who have not begun the course and who, according the the Terms & Condition for this course, should be entitled to a full refund.

Guess what, ‘customer support’ isn’t even getting back to them!

I can for the life of me not understand why we haven’t had word of class action from former US students yet. Is Doreen Virtue going to get away with just making her products and certification courses defunct without any form of fiscal accountability?

Is she going to get away with claiming persecution whenever former students voice their discontent?

That may well be the case but eventually, no matter what religion you belong to, what goes around comes around…

The same friend who made the meme above also ‘fixed’ the meme below that Doreen Virtue posted on her FB page 13 October.

It seems that the deeper in denial she goes about her own wrongdoing and lack of accountability, the heavier she gets on the hellstone and brimfire preaching…

Wrath of God Doreen Virtue Meme

After my friend fixed it…

karma and consequences for doreen virtue

Doreen, if you are reading this, nobody cares what you believe. We just want to be treated with respect and receive the refunds we are entitled to.

We also want to know what happened to the rescue animals. Why can’t you simply let us know where they are? Wouldn’t it be better for your newfound Christian conscience to at least admit that you sold the pigs rather than ‘give them to vegan friends,’ since there is pretty solid evidence that suggests they were sold?

You have claimed that I am a liar, yet you refuse to prove that you are speaking the truth, while I continue to provide evidence for everything I write here…

…and this is obviously the REAL reason why are not taking me to court like you threatened to do.

God bless you, Doreen. You seem to look a little more lost every time I come across a recent video of yours.