My Doreen Virtue Certificates Are Worthless – Now What??

the masks are coming off new age teachers

I’d like to start this post with a two-fold apology, the first being for the random image that illustrates this post (Pixabay as usual) and the second for blogging about Doreen Virtue again – I honestly didn’t think it would be necessary…. As for the picture… Well, things are pretty surreal right now. The masks are coming off false teachers and we find ourselves in unknown territory, having to think entirely for ourselves (also yay!). 

The reason for this follow-up post is that Monday’s post about Doreen denouncing the Tarot went viral to the point of crashing my site a few times. More than 10,000 people have read that post and it caused waves in the spiritual community. Those waves generated many helpful and healing discussions with people who feel betrayed by Doreen’s public denunciations and some less than helpful discussions where I was accused of ‘bashing’ Doreen. With regards to the latter, I made the following post on my private FB page this morning:

I wish people would be discerning enough to separate out someone’s spiritual truth from their business dealings, and their rights to that truth from their right to avoid accountability.

Those who claim that I am bashing a certain public figure seem to have completely forgotten that customers/clients/students have certain rights, no matter what the guru status of their former teacher is. I am disappointed with how the organisation behind this public figure have dealt with things as well and will not support them with any more of my pennies.

Thankfully, the article I wrote the other day was extremely well received for the most part, with many people commenting as well as contacting me privately to thank me for speaking up. May aim for writing this article was not, as some claim, to bash this public figure but to reach out to those who felt heartbroken.

I feel I managed to do just that and was prepared to take any backlash from it. The backlash was not direct, it came in the form of a video response from this public figure which redirected the focus back to her own sacrifice and loss of income now that she is serving the One True God.

Don’t worry, she has many streams of income still going on from many of the classes and products she wants nothing to do with. The fact that she states that the money from her Tarot sales now goes to charity doesn’t change that. She will be continue to be very well off from the income stream she generated via teachings she nows feel a need to denounce in public, thus sabotaging the efforts of her students to build a career around the certifications they paid a shit load of money for.

Right, I’m off to write a letter to the organisation mentioned above. I know I’m not the only one who’s doing this.

Have a great day anyone and don’t go putting any spiritual teachers on a pedestal… Their fall can really hurt you! 

Not long after that, I wrote the following letter to Hay House and also tweeted it to both the US and UK offices:

I have not heard back from Hay House yet. If I do I’ll not blog about it but you can find out about future developments by following me on Twitter.

The backlash (there always is one when you stick your neck out) didn’t take long to manifest. Taking criticism isn’t something Doreen Virtue does (she calls it ‘drama’ so that she doesn’t have to be held accountable). I found out that I had been banned from the CACR FB Page when I tried to go over there to have a look at something a friend had posted. That is without me commenting on their page, so I guess Monday’s post put me on the radar.

Here’s the thing, I’m a spiritual warrior and an indigo. Other lightworkers may prefer to smooth things over. One sweet soul just now suggested that I don’t ‘need to be angry’ with Doreen because I don’t need her teachings for my work. This is true but a) please don’t tell me (or anybody else) how to feel and b) righteous indignation is still a thing. I feel strongly on behalf of those who have had their hearts broken by a dualistic traditional Christian judging their beliefs which many got from the person judging them in the first instance (talk about gaslighting!)… and businesses ruined when realising that their certificates were based on a bunch of a lies from a teacher who never really believed in any of it.

Oh and by the way, when you say that you are a non-judgemental Christian but still feels a need to publicly denounce New Age practices, you are in fact lying – You’re judgemental AF. Add to that that you were the one teaching those practices in the first instance and it makes you downright two-faced. Besides, many of us haven’t forgotten the highly judgemental video from this spring that was quickly taken down, where Doreen talked about the demonic origins of Ascended Masters and the importance of worshipping only the Biblical Jesus. Unfortunately, I was that confused by all of it back then that it didn’t register highly enough on my indignometer for me to write about.

The only logical conclusion we can draw about how Doreen now views her old teachings is that many of them aren’t just no longer relevant, they are demonic in origin. Yes, she is tapping a whole new market here of hyper fundamentalists. And she has outright referred to those who criticise her as being taken over by lower entities who are trying to prevent her from bringing Jesus to the world (told you it was surreal!). I’m sharing this quote from her own FB page:

“The lower energy sees that I’m in a position where I could introduce a lot of people back to Jesus, and the lower energy is furious about this. So it is attacking me, including finding people to attack me. I appreciate those of you who are praying for me.”

As you can see, the Messianic complex is strong in her and has caused some people to worry about her mental health. I’m not a mental health professional so have no further comment on that but my feeling from watching her most recent videos is definitely that her energy is off.

The fact that I, as a Certified Angel Card Reader, had been blocked from the CACR page without actually interacting on it is a bit of a giveaway: a) Doreen is actively monitoring people who speak out against her (in spite of claiming to never involve herself with ‘drama) and b) I’m considered one of the people who are being used by ‘lower energy.’

So the reason I’m blogging today is quite different from my reason for blogging on Monday. On Monday, I came from a place of deep compassion. Today, I invoke the protection of Archangel Camael, so that I can stand in my truth against injustice.

When you are a spiritual teacher, you are not immune against criticism from people who have handed you millions of dollars. You have responsibilities. You must make yourself accountable. It is highly unethical by Doreen to keep selling courses like the Angel Intuitive course which contains many practices that she has now denounced. My sister is halfway through the course and no longer feels like going on with it, knowing that the teacher no longer believes in her own teachings… and I feel guilty for getting her to buy the course. She won’t get a refund, of course.

Because there is ZERO accountability.

So now what? If you have been affected, you should definitely get in touch with Hay House and let them know how you feel. Your voice matters and if we all speak up, the will have to listen.

For my own part, I’m very lucky that I established myself as a spiritual professional before I got my first Doreen Virtue Certification. I am a professional energy healer, Tarot reader and Bach Flower remedy practitioner in my own right. I don’t need an Angel Intuitive certificate to connect with the angelic realm for my work which I do all the time.

Those of you in the world of Tarot who are thinking about working with Radleigh instead, please understand that Radleigh bases his Angel Tarot Course on teachings that Doreen no longer believes in. She only acknowledges the Biblical angels now – I know this from her Angelologist course. This may not matter to you but I think it’s good to know what you are buying.

I’m getting a headache from thinking about how all of this trickles down and affects the work of tens of thousands of lightworkers so I should probably stop now. Besides, this post is getting ridiculously long. Again, this post is for those who understand the difference between bashing a person and/or their beliefs and being genuinely upset about how the business side of things has been handled by both Ms Virtue and Hay House.

Before I go, please know that my services haven’t been affected by all this. I still do Tarot and healing work. I still work with Angels and I always preferred to work with the 7 Archangelic Planetary rulers because that felt more natural to me than Doreen’s system of 15 Archangels.




PS. This article was originally posted on, 23 August 2017.