The Rob Bell / Doreen Virtue Kerfuffle

On the 12th of August, 2018, Doreen Virtue made the statement you can read above. As you can see, it has nearly 3,000 likes, 520 comments and 65 shares – Way to get the truth out there, Doreen… Thank you!

Many people who didn’t know about this site now do. And all because of ONE private message I sent to ONE of Doreen Virtue’s followers. This is it below:

Doreen Virtue Rob Bell Kerfuffle

All I can say is, the Lord works in mysterious ways. I messaged this one person about Doreen Virtue’s con game for obvious reasons but I did NOT message this person to tell them the Bible is not real. Rob Bell is a pastor, writer and theologian who offers a different (more liberal)  perspective on the Bible.

The book I recommend has, if anything, made the Bible feel relevant to me again. Other books by Rob Bell have helped lift me when I felt down – especially when I felt down about having wasted so much time in the Church. After reading his books, I felt that actually, all those years weren’t a waste of time at all.

So, um, no Doreen… I have NOT been sending messages to all your followers and I have most definitely not told anyone the Bible isn’t real.

But thank you so much, Doreen, for highlighting my work and this site in particular! The day after someone told me about the post above (which is from Doreen’s FB page), someone messaged me to let me know that Doreen’s post had helped her find this site:

And if Rob Bell happens to find this post – I’m so sorry to mention you in the same post as a charlatan posing as a Christian! Your work inspired me and lifted me from a very dark place when I felt that there was nothing left of my former faith. Your books (Love Wins in particular) and the Robcasts helped me connect the dots and see how/why Christ’s message (the truly good news) is still relevant to us today.

Doreen Virtue created all this drama over one message that I sent to one person to help them find the truth and also maybe a slightly different perspective to the fundamentalist, literal view of the Bible. I mean, come on… these people believe the Earth is 6,000 years old and carbon dating is fake.

But thankfully, it came back to bite her in the tail. Does she really believe any of the stuff she teaches? Only God knows her heart, of course, but her actions speak for themselves. And she still has not refunded any of the donors that were conned in her animal charity scam or the students who got a raw deal (which is the reason for the existence of this site). Nor do we know what happened to the rescue pigs that Doreen claims were given to ‘vegan friends,’ but we know were sold.

Doreen Virtue is lying about me… and also about Rob Bell. I’m used to the former but the latter pissed me off, so I thought I’d set the record straight: Rob Bell not only believes the Bible is real – He helped me understand why.

Peace out, my friends!