What happened to Doreen Virtue’s Rescue Pigs

what happened to doreen virtue's rescue pigs

We still don’t know what happened to all 16 of Doreen Virtue’s rescue pigs. It appears from this video evidence that at least some of them were sold. Doreen Virtue claims she gave all her rescue animals to vegan friends.

The videos you see below were emailed to me by someone who wishes to remain anonymous but who is clearly concerned about the wellbeing of these lovely animals that had been promised their forever home.

When I shared this video evidence a couple of months ago, Doreen Virtue threatened with legal action (see comments for linked post above):

Hi everyone, this Doreen Virtue.

Lisa, you need to stop making up lies about me! I did NOT sell the pigs! That’s a new low level of slander and libel. They were given for free to friends of ours in Hawaii. And for the record, we had full-time ranch hands giving them fresh water twice a day.

I have done my best to ignore you exploiting me to sell your tarot card readings and boost your monetizing. You’ve gone too far this time, and I am contacting an attorney to sue you for libel and slander. It will be a slam-dunk court case because I have records to prove that everything you’ve said about me is a lie.

I don’t know why you continue to persecute me, when I gave you a refund, and everything I have told everyone about my animals is the truth. I have been a vegan for 22 years, and I wouldn’t harm a fly. Are you a vegan Lisa? Do you eat animals?

I’m sorry that my conversion to following Jesus has upset you, but persecuting me it’s not the path of peace. If you would spend as much time focusing on your own path, as you seem to be obsessed with me, you could have peace.

I forgive you, but there needs to be consequences to your adolescent acting-out behavior.


It has been over two months since Doreen Virtue issued this threat and I have yet to hear from her lawyers. My reply to Doreen Virtue’s legal threat can be found HERE.

Some people claim that the legal threat couldn’t possibly have been written by Doreen Virtue herself. Unfortunately, it was indeed she who wrote the lies above. Not only is the IP address a match for her location but she issued a video threat to take legal action the same day (watch from around 4 minutes).


11 thoughts on “What happened to Doreen Virtue’s Rescue Pigs”

  1. I find it amazing that she can just get away with anything she does and nobody wants to hold her accountable apart from a few of us. What’s wrong with people? Are they all brainwashed? Is it just too uncomfortable to actually do something and speak out? Yes, it is and most people just like to look the other way. Not very Christian at all, is it? Jesus spoke out against any injustice he found, so why do people now hide behind sayings like “This is her path and I respect her for it”? Yes, it may be her path, and quite honestly, I really don’t care who she worships, but how she is going about it, lying about lying and more lying – now that is just plain old wrong!

  2. Absolute con artistry. Disgraceful. Maybe she cast “Legion” into them and they all ran off a cliff into the sea just like in the Bible?

    1. Whatever her confabulated story will be, I’m sure it will be at least on that level of fantastical!

  3. Even in her latest FB video to her masses, she claims to love animals, and yet it seems to be extremely difficult for her to a seemingly easy task (ie sharing pictures or video of the rescue pigs safe in their new digs). She’s not once publicly prayed for Hawaii, a state she was and is rich in real estate, after their volcano eruption. No mention of all the animals are still safe after that natural disaster. This woman cares about nothing but herself and MONEY. You cannot serve the demon Greed and Jesus at the same time.

    Then Jesus said to him, “Go, Satan! For it is written, ‘YOU SHALL WORSHIP THE LORD YOUR GOD, AND SERVE HIM ONLY.'” Matthew 4:10

    1. Her god looks like this: $ – If she had any Christian values and any humility about her, she would have withdrawn from the public eye to study and make restitution, before attempting to teach Christianity to anyone. Instead she engaged in gaslighting, lies and denying people refunds… Worst of all, she has now lied in her book about refunding the rescue ranch donors. She doesn’t lead by example, so her words are empty. May God have pity on her soul when the day comes…

  4. “Oh what a tangled web of lies and deceit”. She won’t start a lawsuit because there are too many holes in her stories and she knows it. She’d make a mockery of the courtroom if she ever dared to bring it to trial. I’ll rejoice on the day she is brought to justice which I see is beginning to happen. More and more people are realizing the fraud that she is.

    1. Tara, I long for that day! I want all those who were defrauded to receive restitution in some way… though I doubt she will ever apologise.

  5. Disgusting what she is doing to her former students and those poor animals. Just show us the proof if they really are safe Doreen.

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