Doreen Virtue Encourages Sabotage of Her New Age Products Across US Book Stores

Melissa Dougherty's post about sabotage of Doreen Virtue's New Age Books

Before anybody claims that this title is misleading and that it is Melissa Dougherty, not Doreen Virtue herself, who is encouraging sabotage of Doreen Virtue’s New Age books across US book stores, please read the post I shared above carefully. This is not the first time, so Doreen is well aware!

Melissa and her gang of New Age-hating fundies (sorry, can’t bring myself to call them Christians, since there is nothing of Christ in their deeds) did this back in April – Clearly with Doreen Virtue’s blessings, since they are planning to do it again as a #merrychristmasdoreen thing.

Surely, if Doreen wants a truly happy and peaceful Christmas, free from visits by the Ghost of Christmas pasts, the thing to do would not be to sabotage her own New Products (that she is still earning from!) but to make restitution by paying back course fees to students and practitioners who have had their course sites and practitioner registers taken down.

Doreen ought to also refund all the people whom she illegally solicited charity money from for an unregistered charity.

And if Doreen truly wishes to do the Christian thing, she should refund anyone who asks, after their Course Certificates have been rendered useless by Doreen’s own claim that she was possessed by a Python Demon when she was teaching these courses.

If you still feel that Melissa and her gang of fundie hooligans aren’t doing anything wrong, then ask yourself how you would feel if I wandered over to a Christian book shop and started doodling pentagrams in every Bible or filling Christian books with leaflets on 101 Spellcasting…

Seriously, the disrespect of these people for their fellow human beings on any Path different to theirs is nothing short of astounding.

I have taken the liberty of emailing Barnes & Nobles and Hay House about how this makes me feel. Below is my letter to Melissa Brinkerhoff and Reid Tracy, CEO of Hay House:

It would be nice of Hay House to restore some faith in their customers by showing that money is not ALL they care about!

For Doreen to encourage this to be done to products she is still earning from while refusing refunds is…

a) So like Christ

b) Bigotry of the worst kind

Please answer in the comments below.

ETA 15 December, 2018: Evidence of Doreen Virtue defacing books she has written but that are the property of the bookstore. Does this seem more like the Christian thing to do or would refunding the people she defrauded be more the Christian thing to do? Answers on a postcard.

Doreen Virtue defacing New Age books that aren't her property