Hay House Let Doreen Virtue Go

Hay House let Doreen Virtue go - You're Fired
You’re fired!

Hay House let Doreen Virtue go. You can hear it straight from the horse’s mouth in this the latest daily Mornings with the Lord video.*** There is a time when I would have felt this would have been a good move by Hay House because of Doreen Virtue’s mistreatment of students. Sadly, after all that has happened around Doreengate, too much has been revealed about Hay House for me to be able to trust them with any more of my money.

Animal rescue ranch

I want to address some of the things that Doreen Virtue says in the video, especially with regards to the supposed lies and rumours that people like me have spread about the Animal Rescue Ranch. If what I shared fell into the category of libel, don’t you think I would be in court by now? Doreen says in the video that she can prove that the rescue ranch lost her money. She literally says ‘I have a paper’… OK, maybe now would be a good idea to show ‘the paper,’ though I think in a court of law you would need to show more than just one paper.

Losing money as an unregistered charity is something you need to count on. Because otherwise it would explicitly be for profit.

  1. 1.
    an organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need.
    “the charity provides practical help for homeless people”

Doreen Virtue could easily have registered the charity and gone down the legal route of raising funds for it but she didn’t. That is a fact. Instead she chose to raise funds by soliciting donations without having a registered charity. That is not legal in the state of HI as we found out when we investigated this. We chose to investigate because of the utter lack of transparency and because we cared about what happened to the animals. We had been promised that these animals were in their ‘forever home’ in return for our financial support.

Speaking our truth with love

Me and others chosing to expose the above facts, unlike what Doreen Virtue would have you believe, has nothing to do with not loving Jesus. If anything, it is because I side with Jesus against the Pharisees that I chose to speak up about this.

And yes, we should speak our truth lovingly wherever possible. However, the wording Jesus chose when confronting the Pharisees was ‘brood of vipers’ and ‘whitewashed tombs.’ He chose those words against rich and powerful people who were profiting from the same people they were oppressing. Jesus was kind to those who deserved it and well… not so kind to the others. Remember how he turned those tables over in the temple when people were trying to profit from God?

It could also be argued that holding someone accountable is an act of love. Better now than at the pearly gate, right?

We want the truth, Doreen Virtue

Other than showing that ‘paper’ you claim to have that shows that the rescue ranch drained you of all your savings (though we have records showing you own property worth millions HERE, HERE and HERE), maybe you could also explain why the Earth Angel site went down and stayed down? Was it to hide the audit trail for the donations you received through that site?

How about some kindness?

What I want to know now is, where is your kindness, Doreen? How was it kind to gaslight, lie to and lie about your students? How was it kind to have your moderators be rude to people who were genuinely seeking answers after the confusion you left them in? How was it kind to refuse refunds to students that you had blocked from the student forums for just asking questions… and how was it kind to send them notes like this for sharing the truth about what was going on…? Passive-aggression when communicating with customers is neither kind, nor businesslike, Doreen.

Incidentally, everyone else who has tried to get a refund from any of Doreen Virtue’s own companies due to mistreatment has been denied one.

I hope you stop lying to people this Christmas, Doreen. I think Jesus would really like that. I think he would approve of you apologising to all the students you mistreated when you hand them those long overdue refunds too.

But I’m guessing you will continue to do daily promo videos for your book in your million dollar WA mansion where you continue to play the victim instead…

The biggest lie of them all

Doreen Virtue’s biggest lie is of course that those who are speaking up against her are used by the Devil. Yep, she literally says this on several occasions, sometimes calling it ‘lower energy’ and other times ‘The Enemy.’ I’m pretty sure that those who are called by God to embrace the Christian faith will not be stopped from doing so because some of us spoke up against Doreen Virtue.

Here’s the thing, I would love for everyone who wants to ‘return to God’ to do so. I have nothing at all against Jesus Christ… or Jesus of Nazareth (I don’t think he cares so much about the Nazareth bit TBH)… I love people who love the Lord. I want them all to find their way if that is what they are called to do… But how can they find their way if they trust a spiritual teacher who won’t tell the truth?

Hay House let Doreen Virtue go… too late…

As for Hay House… too little, too late to recover your reputation with the customers whose comments you deleted and who were banned from your FB pages for questioning how you were dealing with Doreengate. I’d say ‘I hate to say I told you so’ but that would be a lie. I am quite happy to tell you now that I’ve seen the true face of Hay House…




*** Here is the direct link for Doreen’s Mornings with the Lord video since some have mentioned issues with accessing the video – copy and paste: https://www.facebook.com/DoreenVirtue444/videos/1830595033648466/

PS. This article was originally posted on www.angelorum.co 13 December, 2017. It’s been moved because I want to keep my professional Tarot site free from stuff related to ‘Doreengate.’ I also don’t want any of what we documented to go missing.