Doreen Virtue NOT in Legal Battle with Woman’s World

Doreen Virtue Not in Legal Battle with Woman's World

Fate has a funny way of taking care of business. I thought we might never get to the bottom of what was happening with Doreen Virtue’s Weekly New Age column in Woman’s World… and then I bump into the none other than the editor in chief, Stephanie Sable, in a Tarot group on Facebook. Turns out Doreen Virtue is NOT in a legal battle with them, as much as she would like her Christian following to think she is… Continue reading “Doreen Virtue NOT in Legal Battle with Woman’s World”

Doreen Virtue’s Python Demon Possession

Doreen Virtue Python Demon Possession

Doing Time as a Hyper Fundie

The one thing I’m really grateful for about my own fundamentalist Christian past is that the Southern Baptist church didn’t dabble in exorcism. In fact, I don’t recall much talk about demons other than what was quoted directly from the Bible. Continue reading “Doreen Virtue’s Python Demon Possession”

Doreen Virtue in Legal Battle with Woman’s World?

Doreen Virtue in legal battle with Woman's World?

Yesterday, three different people contact me about Doreen Virtue. The first email concerned the image below. The added text on top of the calendar was already on there when it arrived in my inbox:

doreen virtue in legal battle with publishers?

The person who sent this to me was concerned that even though Doreen Virtue has told everyone that she has sworn off all New Age practices and teachings, she still has merchandise coming out that belies those statements. The 2019 calendar could have been produced and contracted before her conversion, I suppose. I don’t know what sort of contract she had with Hay House for calendars. One thing is for certain: ‘A year of inspiring affirmations’ and ‘Messages from your angels’ is 100% New Age. No ifs, no buts.

The second person who contacted me, wanted to let me know that Doreen Virtue is now back on Facebook with a profile that is not in her real name and where she only has fundamentalist Christians as friends. (ETA 28 Aug, 2018: This profile has since been deleted. I have been informed she may be using this one now instead, though I have not been able to verify it.)

Yesterday, 12 of them were showing and ‘Reasons for Jesus’ Steven Bancarz and Melissa Dougherty (co-author of ‘From New Age to Christianity’) among them, of course. She hid her friend’s list shortly after I contacted a few of them to ask why Doreen is still profiting from the New Age.

Some of the other people on her friend’s list also seemed to be what can best be referred to as ‘Jesuspreneurs,’ i.e. gaining in some way financially from telling people that unless they convert and confess Jesus as their saviour, they are going to hell. Doreen has certainly ramped up her own hell fire preaching, as you can witness in her latest weekly video where she says that ‘Jesus mentions hell more times than he mentions heaven in the Bible.’ She asks, ‘Are you willing to gamble your eternal future?’ Some pretty hard sales tactics there from someone who is new to the faith and hasn’t studied theology.

Is she perhaps learning a business tip or two from her new Jesuspreneur posse on how to get her followers to start tithing? What sort of ministry is she going to register herself? We see her constantly endorsing Steven Bancarz’s ‘Reasons for Jesus’ but I would place a small bet on her soon starting her own ministry. Tax exempt income – Need I say more?

The third message I received was from a person who was concerned about Doreen Virtue’s weekly New Age columns in Woman’s World. She could for the life her not understand how these could keep coming out week after week, even though Doreen Virtue has told her new following that she in no way dabbles in the New Age any more. I agree that this is very odd. For the calanders which have may been planned a few years in advance, it is a bit more understandable… but for a column where Doreen answers questions from the readers on a weekly basis, it seems highly unlikely.

Having done some work for a couple of monthly publications myself, I know that six months between submission and publication is not unusual. That would still place Doreen well on the wrong side of her own timeline for the excuse of ‘I agreed to this before my conversion’ to hold up. It is still possible that she was contracted to do these weekly columns before her supposed conversion. However, how does she sit there and types out New Age advice, week after week if this is the kind of advice that she now considers ‘poision’ (her words about New Age publications) and something that endangers the souls of the readers Woman’s World?

Surely, she would just stop answering the reader questions and take the legal battle from there if her faith is real? As someone who has been a fundamentalist Christian herself in her youth, I can tell you straight up that I would rather have spent time in prison than doing what Doreen seems to be doing now. I was sincere about my misguided faith, at least.

So I decided to contact one of her new Jesuspreneur friends with the evidence to see what they would say about it. I sent him pictures of the calendar and the woman’s world column from this week to prove that Doreen Virtue is still profiting from the New Age.

doreen virtue in legal battle according to christian friend

Doreen Virtue in legal battle with Woman’s World?

His response typed out (with my own comments added) below if you can’t view it in the screenshot above:

Actually she’s going through a legal battle (emphasis mine) trying to get them to stop publishing her old material. She’s already left her publisher… I know her personally and your impression of the situation is one of the biggest issues she’s having to deal with. Constantly being attacked by her brethren (I didn’t tell him I was a Christian and he clearly didn’t check my profile before replying) as she grows closer to Christ and takes action to remove her old material. She cancelled her new age speaking event and everything. Look at the pictures of her they used it’s decades old!!! My advice is pray for your sister (nope, she ain’t no sister of mine), pray for her to remain strong as she gets attacked by both the new age community and now fellow believers. (Attacked? People questioning her double dealings is referred to as ‘attacks’?)

The fact that Woman’s World is using an old picture (not decades old though lol) doesn’t really prove anything. They could be using that because their reader demographic shows that the readers prefer the blonde, goddess New Age Doreen to the new emo version. Whether she wants these publications to come out or not, she is still cashing the royalties.  And either way, she owes it to the poor people she is now deceiving on a weekly basis with her demonic angelic agony aunt column to make some kind of statement about how she no longer believes in this and that she replied to their questions under duress (likely?)… or some such.

I’m not sure which New Age speaking event the young Jesuspreneur is referring to but it could be the Engelkongress in Stuttgart for 2 June, though (as you can see) she is still set to appear via video link.

doreen virtue appearing at the june 2018 engelkongress new age event

Is Doreen Virtue in a legal battle with Woman’s World over these weekly columns? Why would she rather not take the financial loss (or even go to jail) than keep deceiving people on a weekly basis? Why does it seem so hard for Doreen Virtue to stick to one script? Is she really the victim in all of this? Is she being ‘attacked’ when people question her double dealings? It would be very easy to set the record straight… so why won’t she?

It all seems very odd.



PS. This post was originally posted on 16 April, 2018.

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Doreen Virtue Monetizes Real Jesus and Performs Miracle of the Vanishing Rescue Ranch Newspaper Article

Doreen Virtue Monetizes Real Jesus and Performs Miracle
I do not own the copyright to the images in the collage above. The images are published for educational purposes and belong to artist Howard David Johnson and West Hawaii Today respectively.

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