Doreen Virtue claims poverty as reason for lack of refunds

Doreen Virtue claims poverty as reason for not refunding former students

So did Doreen Virtue start doing the Christian thing and refund everyone who donated to the now defunct rescue ranch for which she and Michael solicited illegally?

It would appear that she didn’t. And she still claims that those of us who seek restitution are lying about what happened with the rescue ranch in the latest video she did with Melissa Dougherty, author of ‘From New Age to Christianity.’

On the plus side, she is admitting culpability of sorts when it comes to people losing money by taking her certification courses that she then went on to rubbish in public, making it impossible for people to actually use their certificates. But she is calling these people ‘angry,’ (as if they should be more understanding, forgiving and compassionate) and bitterly dismisses this as proof that the New Age is fake ‘love and light.’

Apparently many people are now converting because of New Agers being so ‘mean’ to Doreen…

After prolonged poormouthing about how her back tax payments are larger than what she is currently earning (apparently Michael had to go back to work to support them) she says, “I have prayed that I won’t ever have to sell anything for money.” She then goes on to plug her book ‘The Joy of Jesus.’ In this book, Doreen Virtue claims to have started refunding everyone who donated to the rescue ranch as soon as they knew they were going to give up the rescue ranch. Nearly a year on and people we know have still not been refunded though Doreen Virtue claims that the donations she received were small and the total sum was only around $4,500.

Interestingly, in this video she does not mention the money promised to the donors in ‘The Joy of Jesus.’ We will continue to watch the progress of this since we are in touch with people who are still owed money from donating to the defunct rescue ranch. Not only were the donations illegal but the Virtues continued to solicit for donations after they had decided to move to the mainland.

At the same time, she is bragging to her Christian audience on her own site about using income from the New Age for charity. Wait, what?! Can’t afford to refund $4,500 to the people who donated to the rescue ranch – Can afford to give money to charity?! We need someone to check on the maths here!

Doreen is doing this interview from her million dollar home in WA. Anybody else finding the claims of poverty a bit OTT? Is it possible these claims are made in such a public way to avoid a class action lawsuit?

We will also continue to watch out for what happened to the 16 rescue pigs that were not, as Doreen claims, ‘given to vegan friends,’ but were in fact sold.

It is a very sad state of affairs that people continue to speak of Doreen Virtue’s conversion as if it is a real thing – a true change of paths and a true conversion to Christianity – when her actions continue to prove that she has no intention whatsoever of following the teachings of her supposed new Master.

And Zacchaeus stood, and said unto the Lord; Behold, Lord, the half of my goods I give to the poor; and if I have taken any thing from any man by false accusation, I restore him fourfold. ~ Luke 19:8

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  1. *LOL* poverty? Well, if they come after her for taxes and her truth – (I mean, in reality, we may only know half of just how dodgy she, her family and her business practices really are) – are exposed, she may actually start living an honest life. Hopefully one where justice is served legally. Jail time would be nice, and as close as karma can get for those poor pigs!

    1. So I actually listened to the section you are indicating here and can only shake my head. How she eternally becomes the victim still fascinates me, but not as much as the people who still follow her. You only have to look at the titles of her products which are in complete contradiction to what she says now. How does anyone in their right mind believe anything she says? Not to mention if you even go back to her conversion videos when she said that she had ‘set herself up for life’ financially, but she turned her back on it etc etc. She’s not even sticking to what she has said at the beginning of the year! Who knows. When someone thinks that their version of charity is sitting on instagram, sending prayers for free, Michael is probably making things to sell online, and she is down to a scary few million. Poor thing!

      1. DV is constantly flip floping, I think she maybe as confused as we are , hehehe , but if she sold some of the millions in properties that she owns she would be able to refund all that she owes, even her back taxes. Then she would have to keep accepting those tainted royalties.

        1. Remember, she prayed to not have to sell anything for money… 😉 Which begs the question… Who exactly is her Lord?

    2. I don’t believe the poverty claims. I think it’s a ploy to avoid a class action lawsuit. And yeah… we still don’t know what happened to the pigs… 🙁

  2. I can’t understand why anyone would want a refund of money given to support the animals at the ranch. All of the animals needed to eat and be cared for. Why not be grateful you were able to help the animals while they were there, and move on? As for certificates, I am still proud of mine, regardless of the circumstances relating to my teacher.

    1. Hi Lorelle, All of these animals had been promised their forever home. Instead they had to endure the trauma of re-homing (or worse)… and, as we know, some were sold (something Doreen lied about, claiming they were all given to vegan friends). The money was solicited ILLEGALLY (unreg. charity in the state of HI) from people who in good faith believed those animals were safe. The solicitation continued AFTER the move had been decided. Doreen Virtue stated in her book ‘The Joy of Jesus’ that she and Michael began refunding the donation money as soon as they had decided to move away from HI (a year ago). We know donors who have not received refunds. The numbers don’t add up as per the evidence in this article. You can be as proud as you like of your certificate, darling but it won’t change the fact that it’s a now a laughing stock and you will never be able to use it professionally. Doreen continues to lie and we continue to shine a light on that until we have justice for all who were conned. You’re probably on the wrong page if you think illegal solicitation and lying about donations/refunds is OK just because it’s done by a ‘spiritual teacher.’ Regards, Lisa

      1. considering DV is telling everyone to burn all new age products, I am asuming that means your certificate as well. She holds no value to what she use to teach so they mean nothing now… and lets face it, they never did. I am not saying this to upset but to open up eyes.

        1. Exactly- as a Pagan I can’t display a certificate from her when she so clearly disrespected my faith and others. And I was kicked out of fairyologist for just talking about this. Their “moderators” are a joke as was the course. The material quite frankly sucked

        2. My theory is that DV would like people to burn those products of hers because she knows very well they will be collectors items one day. Someone selling her oracle cards on ebay for much more than they paid for them originally will have that money for themselves. That equal zero profit for her, and she knows it!

    2. As someone who has spent years working for legitimate nonprofit agencies, when someone just invents an unregistered charity, to me it is a red flag. The rest of us have to be accountable to the public for the money we receive. Promising a forever home and then turning around and dismantling her “rescue” seems disingenuous. She never showed us on paper what happens to our money or those animals.

    3. Not that I believe you genuinely care for authentic input, but the vast majority of people upset with her are NOT upset about #1) her change of faith #2) her feeding and caring for animals “in need” [I put this in quotations because it is clear they were purchasing animals from others, which indicates more of a hero/hoarder mentality rather than true rescue workers]. People are upset because she #1) lied about where the animals have gone #2) established an illegal charity #3) lied about refunding those requesting it [also note that some people are not requesting refunds – to each his/her/their own] #4) continues to harp about being a victim #5) is lying about being IN POVERTY. As someone who has lived UNDER the federal poverty guidelines (she does live in the USA), I can assure you that I would feel far more secure in the world in a million dollar home with a few million in the bank and a few million more in property investments than I do currently trying to feed and house myself and three children!

      If DV truly wants to live the Christian life, she would close her mouth about all her “charity” works, refund anyone who requests it, and learn from established elders in her “new” faith. Again, it’s clear she was raised in a Christian environment, replete with access to Bibles; she simply never cared to be serious about its study until approaching her 60’s.

  3. Crying poor mouth again Doreen while you sit in that million dollar mansion and have multiple properties. I am sure your fundie following might beleive you but there are still people who know the truth and more and more people are coming to the realisation of all your lies.

    All the poor animals in your ‘forever home’ ranch have gone to the slaughterhouse and as for all your ex-students and their training …. useless now since you now preach to ‘burn all things new age’ so that would mean those certificates too.

    Man up Doreen and pay what is due …. and by that I mean not just the back taxes that you are using the royalties on.

    1. I agree that it is unlikely that many of the animals are still alive, sadly. It’s just more gaslighting and victimblaming from Doreen, pointing a finger at former students and reducing them to angry fake love and lighters for demanding their rights.

      1. And who was pushing all that ‘Love and Light’ stuff, Doreen herself. There is certainly none of the love left in her. Just hate and bigotry for all those that didn’t follow her conversion.
        If she wants this to go away she needs to just give up on trying to be in the lime light, pay what is due, confess her sins about those animals then lead a humble rest of her life.
        While she is spouting lies and hate people, like you will be there to keep her in check.

  4. For a person who claims to have changed path and following Jesus since over a year, all I’ve been hearing is how she’s being persecuted, poor-mouthing, how much charity she’s giving…. which makes me think, how much of any of the teachings of Jesus is she even following? Who in their right mind starts teaching about a new path that they know nothing about? Yes she calls it bible study or whatever but she is actually setting herself as a teacher. Someone who goes on a new path, should spend some time, years even, in quiet study to learn the intricacies of the new path, not start making videos and churning out books that she claims to not want to sell… that she initially priced at $0.99…
    As for the comment above about someone who said who would want refunds, well it’s those whose eyes opened to the realisation that they gave their money to a phony charity that didn’t even hold up their promises of a safe and forever home for those poor animals.
    Doreen (NON)Virtue has made a joke of herself. And her minions would do themselves to wake up and see the truth for what she really is.

    1. Well said. She may be giving ‘The Joy of Jesus’ away for free on her site but she is still selling plenty of other Jesus merch as well as profiting from the New Age. I couldn’t agree more about the need to study a new path before you begin teaching it. It’s just embarrassing to watch. The VERY least she could have done would be to NOT condemn her former students and the stuff that she herself taught them. What a joke!

  5. So she admits to tax evasion and owing back taxes and all her new Christian pals are fine with this? Out of the thousands of followers, she only received $4,500? She could at least lie better than this! She literally still has over a million followers, and if even half of them donated $5, it would total far more than $4,500. I, personally, donated $222 for her lousy Angelology course, which I still have not received a refund for. That’s ONE person’s total donation. Come on, people! Please see through her bullsh*t. Give me my money back, DV, and I will donate it to a REAL cause!

  6. I am shocked about this big amount of contradictory talk we hear from Doreen – every time a different story. I still remember the times when she sold her courses in America like ATP for horrandous fees. There were angel teachers here in Europe which were much cheaper but everyone thought her prices are high because she is especially experienced and skillled – what a fallacy! Many saved their hard earned money to be able to pay her course, the flight to America, the hotel, etc. to discover today that she never had been skilled and shows no virtues of kindness and diplomacy towards her previous students, no gratitude for her millionaire lifestyle which she owes to her new age students, no honesty concerning her rescue ranch, etc. What happened to the poor animals for which she took money from well-meaning donors who just wanted to help her by heart? She claims to have been possesssed by a phyton demon while she was in the new age. What a shock for previous students who believed that she was genuine! It means that her angel teachings have been of no worth. She was never in contact with angels. In other words she tells her previous students that they are possessed by a phyton demon, too, because they practice angel therapy. This is just irresponsible! In her videos she is most of the time bashing the new age and other religious paths. Is there nothing else to tell about her new found joyful religion as she claims? Someone who is stable in his faith and truely happy needn’t speak bad and create fear towards other religions.

  7. What Im wondering about is also her family. Her son Grant Virtue still gives Angel courses and teaches his mothers previous work. Does she also believe that he is going straight to hell? In her book Earth Angels she mentions that her other son identifies as a Wise One (or Witch/Wiccan) so what about him? And also, if she really could talk to angels and Jesus etc. would someone not have warned her eons ago that what she was doing was wrong? I mean, this woman made a very pretty penny of apparently being possessed by a Pythion demon and not once did anyone in the spirit realm or here on earth warn her that something was amiss? It really just doesn’t add up.

    1. It’s debatable whether Doreen Virtue has any beliefs other than her belief in Mammon, so I’m not going to speculate how she feels about family members who continue to profit by her work (or whether they have any real beliefs or not)… If she were a Christian, she would have refunded everyone who asked. Period. She continues to shamelessly live in the House that Tarot built, proving our point for us.

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