Doreen Virtue claims poverty as reason for lack of refunds

Doreen Virtue claims poverty as reason for not refunding former students

So did Doreen Virtue start doing the Christian thing and refund everyone who donated to the now defunct rescue ranch for which she and Michael solicited illegally?

It would appear that she didn’t. And she still claims that those of us who seek restitution are lying about what happened with the rescue ranch in the latest video she did with Melissa Dougherty, author of ‘From New Age to Christianity.’

On the plus side, she is admitting culpability of sorts when it comes to people losing money by taking her certification courses that she then went on to rubbish in public, making it impossible for people to actually use their certificates. But she is calling these people ‘angry,’ (as if they should be more understanding, forgiving and compassionate) and bitterly dismisses this as proof that the New Age is fake ‘love and light.’

Apparently many people are now converting because of New Agers being so ‘mean’ to Doreen…

After prolonged poormouthing about how her back tax payments are larger than what she is currently earning (apparently Michael had to go back to work to support them) she says, “I have prayed that I won’t ever have to sell anything for money.” She then goes on to plug her book ‘The Joy of Jesus.’ In this book, Doreen Virtue claims to have started refunding everyone who donated to the rescue ranch as soon as they knew they were going to give up the rescue ranch. Nearly a year on and people we know have still not been refunded though Doreen Virtue claims that the donations she received were small and the total sum was only around $4,500.

Interestingly, in this video she does not mention the money promised to the donors in ‘The Joy of Jesus.’ We will continue to watch the progress of this since we are in touch with people who are still owed money from donating to the defunct rescue ranch. Not only were the donations illegal but the Virtues continued to solicit for donations after they had decided to move to the mainland.

At the same time, she is bragging to her Christian audience on her own site about using income from the New Age for charity. Wait, what?! Can’t afford to refund $4,500 to the people who donated to the rescue ranch – Can afford to give money to charity?! We need someone to check on the maths here!

Doreen is doing this interview from her million dollar home in WA. Anybody else finding the claims of poverty a bit OTT? Is it possible these claims are made in such a public way to avoid a class action lawsuit?

We will also continue to watch out for what happened to the 16 rescue pigs that were not, as Doreen claims, ‘given to vegan friends,’ but were in fact sold.

It is a very sad state of affairs that people continue to speak of Doreen Virtue’s conversion as if it is a real thing – a true change of paths and a true conversion to Christianity – when her actions continue to prove that she has no intention whatsoever of following the teachings of her supposed new Master.

And Zacchaeus stood, and said unto the Lord; Behold, Lord, the half of my goods I give to the poor; and if I have taken any thing from any man by false accusation, I restore him fourfold. ~ Luke 19:8