Doreen Virtue’s Earth Angel Site is Down

doreen virtue animal charity scam donation page earth angel site

Last night, I received an email from Tom Hasslinger, editor of West Hawaii Today. He told me that Doreen Virtue’s Earth Angel site was down. Is this a coincidence? I shared HERE (public FB post on my personal page) that she used the site to illegally solicit donations for her unregistered animal charity only days before the site went down…

A couple of my friends checked on this and they saw that the site was for sale. Then it changed back to…

Upgrading Site

We are currently upgrading our site to better serve our customers. We will have the site back online soon.

Anyone wanting a recent (17 November) cached version of the deleted donations web page can click HERE. It is the same page you seen in the screenshot at the top of this post. Thank you, Ursula Clarke, for making sure we didn’t lose it and can verify the Earth Angel donations page was up as late as a few days ago…

So what is going on with the Earth Angel Site?

Why did Doreen Virtue take the Earth Angel site with the evidence of soliciting for donations down shortly after evidence emerged that what she was doing questionable? Is up for sale or isn’t it? How is the charity scam tied in with the tax situation and all the recent property transactions?

What will happen once Doreen reads this?

As we know from my post the other week, Doreen keeps tabs on what I share on this blog. Will the Earth Angel site magically reappear now that she knows the world is watching? Will the evidence of solicitation still be there? Does she/her staff even realise that they can’t delete cashed pages? Will the authorities be able to properly audit her site for all the money that flowed through this site under the SKU ‘animal-rescue-donation’? Will they manage to find a way of deleting the evidence of funds coming in that way completely?

Oh, and Doreen, don’t let the fact that I’m writing about some dodgy charity scam of yours get to your head. My business has been up and running since 2011. Most people who surf in on my blog do so because of searching for Tarot-related stuff (oh yeah, low vibrational spooky Tarot BOOOO!). Maybe make another video to bash my work and suggest I earn a living writing about you will help you feel better?

Doreen’s statement in West Hawaii Today

In this article from June this year, only a couple of months before it was announced that the animal rescue was about to be dissolved, Doreen claims that they funded all of the rescue work through her own work (being careful, it seems, not to mention donations):

“We’re not a charity so we have to work to make the money,” Doreen says. “It’s enormously expensive and time-consuming, but we love each and every one of the animals so much.”

Why would she say that when we have proof that in the same month (two weeks before the aforementioned newspaper article), the Virtues were asking for donations on the Earth Angel website? As you can see in these screen captures from March 2017, people have been donating directly to this non-registered charity earlier on in the year too…

facebook page asking people to donate to doreen virtue's rescue ranch

If anyone has the video capture for the Weekly Angel Oracle messages posted on 26 February for the week 26 Feb – 5 March, please get in touch.

direct donation

Thanks again, Ursula of for all you do and for encouraging me to write this post even though I said I was done blogging about Doreen. The world does need to know and ‘spiritual teachers’ should not be above accountability. Hopefully media will pick up on this soon…

Blessed Be!


PS. This article was originally published on, 21 November 2017.