The Rob Bell / Doreen Virtue Kerfuffle

On the 12th of August, 2018, Doreen Virtue made the statement you can read above. As you can see, it has nearly 3,000 likes, 520 comments and 65 shares – Way to get the truth out there, Doreen… Thank you! Continue reading “The Rob Bell / Doreen Virtue Kerfuffle”

What happened to Doreen Virtue’s Rescue Pigs

what happened to doreen virtue's rescue pigs

We still don’t know what happened to all 16 of Doreen Virtue’s rescue pigs. It appears from this video evidence that at least some of them were sold. Doreen Virtue claims she gave all her rescue animals to vegan friends. Continue reading “What happened to Doreen Virtue’s Rescue Pigs”

Cancer Patient Conned by Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue Cons Cancer Patient

The Victims of Doreen Virtue’s Rescue Ranch Charity Solicitations

When a friend of mine revealed that a friend of hers who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer had donated to Doreen Virtue’s now disbanded animal rescue ranch, I reached out for an interview. I was upset myself after learning that the course fee that I had paid to keep the rescue animals safe in their forever home didn’t keep those animals safe for more than a few months. Continue reading “Cancer Patient Conned by Doreen Virtue”