It’s not persecution, Doreen

it's not persecution

Somehow, without being allowed on the Angelologist student forum, I’m still receiving the emails whenever someone posts a question or comment. It’s not even one a month recently, so that course (launched in April 2017) seems to have died along with all her New Age courses. Continue reading “It’s not persecution, Doreen”

A Review of Doreen Virtue’s The Joy Of Jesus

Doreen Virtue Joy of Jesus Book Review

The Joy of Jesus

So Doreen finally published that book which we all knew was coming. You know, the one about her conversion where she gets to rant about her detractors who are obviously used by the Devil. This is why I couldn’t finish blogging about Doreen. There had to be one more post and this is it. This is where we look at her big door slam on the New Age and her attempt to discredit those who spoke out against her. I was under no illusion that this wouldn’t happen… and here we are 🙂 Continue reading “A Review of Doreen Virtue’s The Joy Of Jesus”

How to get a refund for your Doreen Virtue course

how to get a refund

When I blogged about how my Doreen Virtue certificates were worthless to my business after the Teacher denounced the very essence on her work HERE, HERE and HERE I initially had no plans to ask for refunds for any of the courses, mainly because I didn’t know my rights as a consumer. It was the talk about a possible class action lawsuit that made me realise that I did indeed have a valid claim after how unprofessionally both Doreen Virtue and Hay House handled questions and claims from concerned students.  Continue reading “How to get a refund for your Doreen Virtue course”

My Doreen Virtue Certificates Are Worthless – Now What??

the masks are coming off new age teachers

I’d like to start this post with a two-fold apology, the first being for the random image that illustrates this post (Pixabay as usual) and the second for blogging about Doreen Virtue again – I honestly didn’t think it would be necessary…. As for the picture… Well, things are pretty surreal right now. The masks are coming off false teachers and we find ourselves in unknown territory, having to think entirely for ourselves (also yay!).  Continue reading “My Doreen Virtue Certificates Are Worthless – Now What??”