Doreen Virtue’s Python Demon Possession

Doreen Virtue Python Demon Possession

Doing Time as a Hyper Fundie

The one thing I’m really grateful for about my own fundamentalist Christian past is that the Southern Baptist church didn’t dabble in exorcism. In fact, I don’t recall much talk about demons other than what was quoted directly from the Bible.

I’m grateful for this because my mind and heart were already so fragile that I had been easily suckered into converting and adopting a new lifestyle which served to isolate me from everyone in my past. I was a high school exchange student, so I adapted quite easily at 17 but it was still hard to make sense of everything and the emotional lag after soul rape on that level was quite big. My head was instantly filled with what I should believe and how I ought to behave now that I was a Christian. I was very quickly and effectively brainwashed.

I can’t remember exactly when I started questioning the things I was taught but I remember what it was that made me go ‘Whoa, this isn’t right – This isn’t of God.’ It was a poster in the US church I attended with my host family. On the poster was a painting of heathens being thrown into a fiery pit of hell, simply because nobody had told them the gospel. I filed this gut reaction away and carried on with no small amount of cognitive dissonance.

I came to the Christian faith with intense otherworldly experiences already as part of my baggage. I never doubted that there was both light and dark on the other side of the veil. However, I wasn’t prepared for the level of dark contained in fundamentalist Christianity. What was gradually being unveiled in front of my eyes was various forms of pure evil, cleverly disguised as Evangelical Christianity.

There was hatred of other denominations. There was hatred of interracial relationships and the people who engaged in them. There was hatred of liberals, gays and charismatics… there was hatred, so much hatred in the fundamentalist circles that had hooked me in. I was constantly programmed to believe I was OK because I was part of them. The us vs them paradigm was super heavy. But my Pisces Moon soon rebelled. I could not hate the way they wanted me to hate. I always felt more affinity with the outcasts, the ones on the other side of the fence. The ones who were certainly going to burn forever. I could see why some women would choose to have abortions, for instance. And I really couldn’t see anything wrong with the mixed race couple across the street. I watched my Christian host parents who were responsible for nurturing me in the faith spew hatred at the mere mention of them. It stunned me every time.

Pick Your Dogma

A few years after my return to Europe, I started questioning the evangelical/fundamentalist denomination I had joined. Maybe they just got it wrong… and maybe they got it wrong because they lacked the tradition, philosophy and sophisticated theology of the Catholic Church, the Mother Church…? I explored, researched, attended mass (ah, the seduction of incense) and decided to convert after about seven years as an active Evangelical.

Then I was fortunate enough to encounter Opus Dei and another cycle of attempted brainwashing. I say ‘fortunate’ because as I struggled to survive even more brainwashing, I finally rebelled, put my foot down and made the declaration ‘Enough!’ I started reading about the political processes that helped form the Catholic Church and Christianity. I studied the canonization of Scripture. And I had my ‘aha moment’ when I realised that it all boiled down to power games, patriarchy and politics. (Even later I had my most important ‘aha moment’ and that is when it finally clicked that everything I had been seeking for was right there, inside my heart all along…)

It was not long before I reached the conclusion that the Bible is not the ‘Word of God’ – Sure, some of it is inspired but a lot of it is not. It is still interesting as a historical document though, albeit with lots of question marks about the actual historicity of events.

What we have today, what we know as Christianity (yes, all denominations) is so far from what Christ taught that I cannot imagine him being very happy with it at all. I had the ability to compare and contrast carefully because by the time I left church and organised religion, I had spent one full year at Bible School, immersing myself in Scripture… and this was after two full years at a Christian, fundamentalist university where I had also studied Scripture. Studying for my Catholic confirmation rendered another intense period of study for me, where I had to learn the catechism.

Pick a path and stick to it. Kill your mind. Pick a path and stick to it. Kill your heart… By my late 20’s, I had begun to discern how manmade religious teachings turned dogma were being used to deprive people of their power, their innate ability to create and think for themselves. By the time of my first Saturn return, I had plucked up the courage to finally leave the church.

Almost Free

But I wasn’t done yet. When you are raised in a Judeo-Christian society, the monotheistic religions have a strong, seductive hold on your consciousness. Subtle reminders or triggers would trip me up and make me feel guilty for leaving the church. This continued all the way up until realising that Doreen Virtue was going to use religion/Christianity for profit next. Just like with my Opus Dei experience, it was realising that someone I had confided and put my trust in betrayed that trust and was seeking to manipulate me… and worse, manipulate me in a sort of freaky wayback machine manner, all the way back to my fundie teens… oh, but worse again… because it was so obvious that she didn’t only see me as a soul to convert but as a market to exploit.

Then there were the lies. I’m not going to mention all of them again but you can look below for related articles if you want to find out more about those. Lies make me see red and that’s a good thing when you are not fully awake to your own power and inner knowing.

Steven Bancarz Interviews Doreen Virtue

What prompted this article was watching the marathon of lies that was the Steven Bancarz interview of Doreen Virtue last night. I watched most of it today. Had to skip some parts due to how tedious and filled with lies it was. A girl can only stomach so much of that crap.

If you watch the beginning of it, it won’t be long before she covers one of her favourite stories yet again. You might have guessed that I’m talking about the famous ‘car jacking’ story. She must have told it hundreds of times by now… which begs the question, why change it? Especially since it has been recorded several times before. This time (addressing her Christian audience) she says she was on her way to see a medium.

But wait, there are theatrics too! When she reaches the point about how she falls on her knees to thank God for saving her and sending his angels, her partner drops a single feather in front of the camera (probably from the bottom of the parrot cage). You can watch it for yourself around 7 minutes.

From angels to demons. Skip the boring bit in the middle and watch around 1 hour 9-10 minutes in where Doreen claims that she was possessed by a python demon (sic!) aka spirit of divination. I assume it is called ‘python’ in reference to the Pythia at the Temple of Apollo… Do correct me if I’m wrong.

Either way, it is really quite handy to be able to blame demonic possession for some rather poor mediumship readings which includes endangering the life of a young black man with wrong suicide information.

Doreen Virtue’s Future Ministry (God help us all)

In the spirit of the Pythia, I make the following prediction: All this demon/hell-fire talk tells us a lot about which way Doreen is going with her future ministry. There will be exorcisms, no doubt. They are some of the most lucrative events you can get people to gather for in all of Christendom. So lucrative, in fact, that certain American pastors travel all over the world – even to poor countries – casting out demons. I hope time proves me wrong but all the warning signs are in place already…

I wouldn’t cover this at allĀ  today except Doreen ends the video by requesting prayer for children. She wants all children to be brought up as fundamentalist Christians – to have the chance she never had… *shudders* In other words, Doreen Virtue wants them all to be brainwashed. Having been brainwashed myself and having had to spend well over a decade deprogramming after it, hearing things like that is a call to action. I write and fight for the truth here.

Please people, allow your children to grow up free and capable of thinking for themselves. Guide them with wisdom, not with dogma. Teach them about original blessing and not about original sin.

Not long after I decided to write this, I received a sign from God to go ahead. More evidence of Doreen’s lies ended up in my inbox. I was shown records of all the properties she owns. All of them. There are a lot. There are so many in fact that it made me feel light-headed. I mean, there she sits in her supposed tiny office, poor mouthing… Maybe seeing the reverse view will help people realise the actual size…

The villa she lives in now is massive – just like her previous properties. Apparently needs a house this size because she looks after her elderly parents and her children (though they are fully grown men who surely should be providing for themselves by now) and because she is co-dependent (what an odd thing to say!).

In spite of her massive wealth, she continues to refuse refunds to former students who have asked because they feel defrauded – especially the ones who bought courses on the promise that Doreen’s rescue animals were safe in their forever home. She continues to poormouth in the Steven Bancarz video, making it appear as if all her royalties are eaten up by IRS payments or being donated to the Hay House charity, even though she still keeps the lion’s share from her royalties. It is still only the royalties from Tarot that goes to charity as far as I am aware. Maybe now would be a good time to sell one of those properties to make good on this New Testament passage:

But Zacchaeus stood up and said to the Lord, “Look, Lord! Here and now I give half of my possessions to the poor, and if I have cheated anybody out of anything, I will pay back four times the amount.”

You either take Doreen Virtue’s word for everythin and believe that she is now a pauper who has given it all up for Jesus and you are going to hell unless you too convert (bet you can’t wait to start tithing so she can start earning tax free!)… Or you use your God-given power of discernment and think/research everything for yourself. I hope and pray for the latter because the truth matters. Meanwhile, if you miss the old Doreen, she still writes a weekly New Age column for Woman’s World. If that makes you feel confused, it’s because you are sane.



This post was originally published on 17 April, 2018.