What Doreen Virtue is doing with all your money instead of giving out refunds

What Doreen Virtue is doing with all your money instead of giving out refunds

Doreen and Michael Virtue stated in September last year that they were too broke to refund anyone. A statement by Michael Virtue was emailed to those who asked and they refused further contact with students who clearly had not received what they signed up for and therefore STILL have a legal right to receive refunds.

Ever since, off and on, Doreen has been poor mouthing in her daily videos – quite possibly to keep people from attempting to request refunds for now defunct courses, forums they no longer have access to and practitioner registers that have been taken down.

In her book ‘The Joy of Jesus,’ Doreen Virtue made the implausible claim that they had started refunding people who donated to their animal rescue charity as soon as they closed it down. You can read about about that claim and take part of the evidence to the contrary HERE.

None of the donors I have been in contact have received refunds to date (August 2018). I also know of many former students who still have refund requests pending – Many of whom never even got a reply when they emailed what seems to be completely defunct ‘customer service.’

Yet Doreen Virtue is still in business, selling Jesus merchandise and preaching daily to generate interest in her new ‘ministry.’

It is good to see that she at least admits that it is the New Agers who are funding both her new Christian lifestyle and the money she likes to brag about giving to charity (how very NOT Christian of her!).

So, let me ask of you Christian readers… What would the priority be for a true convert? Would it be to make restitution to those you have wronged or would it be to establish a new fundie-approved Christian lifestyle using the money that actually legally does not belong to you?

Yes, I said legally. Doreen Virtue’s rescue ranch was not registered and it is illegal to solicit for donations for non-registered charities in Hawaii. Yet she and Michael did just that. And if Joel’s testimony is anything to go by, they have collected way more than the 4-5,000 dollar figure Doreen has given.

So now you know – straight from the horse’s mouth – that rather than refund those she wronged, Doreen Virtue admits in her most recent blog update that she is using the New Age money that is still flooding in from all around the world by the millions to support her ‘volunteer work.’ This work consists of (among other things) telling people that the people who funded (and keep funding) her million-dollar mansion lifestyle are doing the devil’s work.

Does this seem right to you? No…? Well, then please share the heck out of this blog post. It seems the only way to get justice these days is if there is enough social media pressure.